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1949b issue of Fukien

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Short desc: 1949b

Issuer: Fukien
Date: 6/1949

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c apgrn ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-1c-apgrn-Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)
4c blgrn ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-4c-blgrn-Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)
10c dplil ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-10c-dplil-Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)
16c orgred ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-16c-orgred-Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)
20c bl ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=China-20c-bl-Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)

All are d=Sun Yatsen (1949 coarse)

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