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1954 air issue of Costa Rica

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  • Colnect-2198-296-Soap.jpg
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Short desc: 1954 air

Issuer: Costa Rica
Date: 9/1/1954

Consists of 20 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c red&blk d=refinery making vegetable oils
10c dkbl&blk d=pottery
15c grn&blk d=sugar factory
20c vio&blk d=Soap
25c mag&blk perf=13
30c pur&blk perf=13
35c redvio&blk
40c blk
45c dkgrn&blk perf=13
50c viobrn&blk
55c yel&blk
60c brn&blk
65c car&blk
75c vio&blk
80c perf=13
1col bl&blk
3col olgrn&blk
5col blk perf=13x12.5
10col yel&blk perf=13x12.5

All are airmail dt=national industries

Issues with this name: Bulgaria, China, ROC, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Reunion, French West Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, El Salvador, Somalia, Syria, Trieste Zone B

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