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1962 issue of Cayman Islands

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Short desc: 1962

Issuer: Cayman Islands
Date: 11/28/1962

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/4p rosered&emer d=Cayman parrot & Queen Elizabeth II
1p ol&blk d=cat boat & Queen Elizabeth II (1962)
1 1/2p pur&yel d=Schomburgkia thomsoniana & Queen Elizabeth II
2p sep&bl d=Map of Cayman Islands & Queen Elizabeth II
2 1/2p grn&vio d=fishermen casting net & Queen Elizabeth II
3p car&bl d=West Bay beach & Queen Elizabeth II
4d pur&grn d=green turtle & Queen Elizabeth II
6p sep&grn d=Cayman schooner & Queen Elizabeth II
9p pur&viobl d=Angler with kingfish & Queen Elizabeth II
1sh rose&sep d=iguana & Queen Elizabeth II
1sh3p brnorg<grn d=swimming pool Cayman Brac & Queen Elizabeth II
1sh9p vio&blgrn d=girl & sailboat & Queen Elizabeth II
5sh grn&pur d=Fort George & Queen Elizabeth II
10sh bl&ol d=arms of Caymans & Queen Elizabeth II
1lb blk&carrose d=Queen Elizabeth II (1962 Cayman Islands)

All are postage wmk=mult crown & script CA

Issues with this name: Argentina, Bermuda, Bhutan, British Honduras, Cameroun, Cayman Islands, China, ROC, Denmark, Fiji, Iran, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Norfolk Island, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Seychelles, South West Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, United Nations, United States, Wallis & Futuna Islands

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