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OAU conference issue of Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Democratic Republic of the Congo OAU conference, empty sheet (#65304)
Short desc: OAU conference

Issuer: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Date: 9/11/1967
Occasion: OAU conference

Consists of 6 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1k carbrn&blvio oc=blk on=9/15/1964-2fr
3k grayvio&grn oc=blk on=9/15/1964-5fr
5k org&blvio oc=blk on=9/15/1964-4fr
6.6k oc=blk on=9/15/1964-1fr
9.6k oc=blk on=9/15/1964-50c
9.8k grn&orgbrn oc=blk on=9/15/1964-3fr

All are d=National Palace (1964)

Issues with this name: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco (1972)

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