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Jose Marti 100th issue of Cuba

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  • Colnect-2508-843-Casa-Natal.jpg
  • Colnect-2504-829-Prison-in-Havana.jpg
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Short desc: Jose Marti 100th

Issuer: Cuba
Dates: 1953 - 11/17/1953
Occasion: Jose Marti birth
Number/Year: 100

Consists of 21 stamps: (See stamps as list)

postage 1c grn&redbrn d=Marti y Perez José
postage 1c grn&redbrn d=Casa Natal
postage 3c vio&sep d=Prison in Havana
postage 3c vio&sep d=Marti in prison
postage 5c bl&sep
postage 5c bl&brn d=Farm El Abra property Martí
postage 10c redbrn&blk d=Martí as a writer
postage 10c redbrn&blk d=Martí & Bolivar statue Caracas
postage 13c grn&olbrn d=Meeting house of the revolutionaries
postage 13c grn&olbrn d=First edition of the newspaper Patria
airmail 11/17/1953 5c multi d=Martí in Kingstown Jamaica
airmail 11/17/1953 5c multi d=Martí among workers in Ibor City Florida
airmail 8/25/1953 8c multi d=Manifesto of Montecristi
airmail 11/17/1953 8c multi d=House of Maximo Gomez Montecristi
airmail 1/29/1953 10c ind&car
airmail 1/29/1953 10c ind&car
airmail 1/29/1953 15c blvio&blk
airmail 1/29/1953 15c blvio&blk
airmail 1/29/1953 25c sep&scar
airmail 1/29/1953 25c sep&scar
airmail 1/29/1953 50c yel&bl

Issues with this name: Cuba, Dominican Republic (1954), El Salvador

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