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Eduardo Abaroa death 73rd issue of Bolivia

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Short desc: Eduardo Abaroa death 73rd

Issuer: Bolivia
Dates: 3/23/1952 - 3/24/1952
Occasion: Eduardo Abaroa death
Number/Year: 73

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

postage 80c d=Abaroa
postage 1b redorg d=Abaroa
postage 2b brtgrn d=Abaroa
postage 5b d=Abaroa
postage 10b redpur d=Abaroa
postage 20b brn d=Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 0.70b rosered d=Eduardo Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 2b orgyel d=Eduardo Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 3b yelgrn d=Eduardo Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 5b bl d=Eduardo Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 50b roselil d=Eduardo Abaroa
airmail 3/24/1952 100b grayblk d=Eduardo Abaroa

All are wmk=unwmk

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