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1899 issue of Argentina

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Short desc: 1899

Issuer: Argentina
Dates: 1899 - 1903

Consists of 22 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2c yelbrn d=Liberty seated
1c grn d=Liberty seated
2c sl d=Liberty seated
1901 3c org d=Liberty seated
1903 4c yel d=Liberty seated
5c carrose d=Liberty seated
1903 6c blk d=Liberty seated
10c dkgrn d=Liberty seated
12c dlbl d=Liberty seated
1901 12c olgrn d=Liberty seated
1901 15c dlbl d=Liberty seated
1901 15c seagrn d=Liberty seated
16c org d=Liberty seated
20c cl d=Liberty seated
24c vio d=Liberty seated
30c rose d=Liberty seated
1901 30c ver d=Liberty seated
50c brtbl d=Liberty seated
1p bl&blk d=Liberty seated
5p org&blk d=Liberty seated
10p grn&blk d=Liberty seated
20p red&blk d=Liberty seated

All are postage wmk=large sun

Issues with this name: Argentina, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Caroline Islands, Colombia, Fernando Po, Alexandria, Port Said, Japan, Labuan, Lourenco Marques, Marshall Islands, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russian offices in China, San Marino, Sarawak, Guam, Hawaii, Venezuela, Zanzibar

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