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1939 issue of French Morocco

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Short desc: 1939

Issuer: French Morocco
Dates: 7/17/1939 - 1942

Consists of 37 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c rosevio d=Sale Mosque
2c emer d=Sefrou
3c ultra d=Sefrou
5c graygrn d=Sale Mosque
10c redvio d=Sefrou
15c dkgrn d=cedars & horseman
20c blkgrn d=cedars & horseman
30c dpgraybl d=goatherd
40c choc d=goatherd
45c prusgrn d=goatherd
50c rosered d=Sale ramparts
1940 50c prusgrn d=Sale ramparts
60c turqbl d=Sale ramparts
1940 60c choc d=Sale ramparts
70c dkvio d=oryxes
75c grnblk d=Draa valley
1940 80c prusbl d=Draa valley
1942 80c dkgrn d=Draa valley
90c ultra d=Sale ramparts
1fr choc d=cedars & horseman
1942 1.20fr redvio d=Draa valley perf=13
1.25fr brn d=Draa valley
1.40fr rosevio d=Draa valley
1940 1.50fr dkred d=Sale ramparts
1942 1.50fr rose d=Sale ramparts
2fr dkgrn d=Fez
2.25fr dkbl d=Fez
2.40fr red d=Sale Mosque
2.50fr scar d=Sale Mosque
1940 2.50fr bl d=Sale Mosque
3fr dkbrn d=Fez
1942 4fr dkbl d=Sale Mosque
4.50fr grnblk d=Draa valley
5fr ultra d=oryxes
10fr red d=oryxes
1942 15fr prusgrn d=oryxes
20fr viobrn d=oryxes

Issues with this name: Aden, Afghanistan, Brazil, Cameroun, Cape Juby, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, French Morocco, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hatay, Honduras, Iceland, Kuwait, Monaco, North Borneo, Norway, Russia, Spanish Morocco, Sweden, Uruguay, Canal Zone, Yugoslavia

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