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1934 issue of French Oceania

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Short desc: 1934

Issuer: French Oceania
Dates: 1934 - 6/5/1939

Consists of 37 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c dkgray d=spear fishing
2c cl d=spear fishing
6/5/1939 3c brtbl d=spear fishing
4c org d=spear fishing
5c vio d=spear fishing
10c brn d=spear fishing
15c grn d=spear fishing
20c red d=spear fishing
25c dlbl d=Tahitian girl
30c grn d=Tahitian girl
6/5/1939 30c red d=Tahitian girl
5/16/1938 35c grn d=Tahitian girl
40c redvio d=Tahitian girl
45c dporg d=Tahitian girl
6/5/1939 45c grn d=Tahitian girl
50c vio d=Tahitian girl
1938 55c bl d=Tahitian girl
6/5/1939 60c blk d=Tahitian girl
65c brn d=Tahitian girl
6/5/1939 70c d=Tahitian girl
75c d=Tahitian girl
80c d=Tahitian girl
90c d=Tahitian girl
1fr redbrn d=idols
6/5/1939 1.25fr brnvio d=idols
6/5/1939 1.25fr rosered
6/5/1939 1.40fr orgyel d=idols
1.50fr bl d=idols
6/5/1939 1.60fr dlvio d=idols
1.75fr ol d=idols
2fr red d=idols
6/5/1939 2.25fr d=idols
2.50fr d=idols
3fr d=idols
5fr d=idols
10fr d=idols
20fr d=idols

All are postage wmk=unwmk

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Ascension, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Danzig, Denmark, Ecuador, Eritrea, French Oceania, Great Britain, Jind, Iraq, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macao, Mexico, Nyasaland Protectorate, Peru, Romania, Sarawak, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Switzerland, Tannu Tuva, Timor, Tripolitania

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