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Peace&Commerce var issue of France

  • Algeria_A%25C3%25AFn_Kial_To_Oran_1876-10-09_-2060806806.jpg-crop-113x126at0-11.jpg
Short desc: Peace&Commerce var

Issuer: France
Dates: 7/21/1876 - 9/1877

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2c grn pc=grn
5c grn pc=ltgrn
10c grn pc=grn
15c graylil
25c ultra
30c brn pc=bis
30c yelbrn pc=bis
3/13/1877 75c car pc=rose
9/1877 1fr brnzgrn pc=straw

All are d=Peace & Commerce var=N under U perf=14x13.5

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