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1958 issue of Great Britain

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Short desc: 1958

Issuer: Great Britain
Dates: 1958 - 1960

Consists of 17 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2d redorg d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding a)
1959 1p ultra
1 1/2p grn
2d redbrn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding a) perf=15x14
1959 2 1/2d scar d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding b)
3d dkpur d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding b) perf=15x14
4d ultra d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding c) perf=15x14
2/9/1959 4 1/2d copbrn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding c) perf=15x14
5d ltbrn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding d)
1959 6p lilrose d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding d)
7p emer d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding d)
1960 8d brtrose
1959 9p dpgrn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding e)
10d bl perf=15x14
1sh brn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding f) perf=15x14
1959 1sh3p dkgrn d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding g)
1sh6p dkbl d=Queen Elizabeth II (Wilding f)

All are wmk=St Edwards crown mult

Used by 12 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-5d
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-1/2d
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-1p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-1 1/2p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-2p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-2 1/2d
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-3d
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-4 1/2d
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-6p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-9p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-1sh3p
issuer=Great Britain-issue=1958-1sh6p

Issues with this name: China, ROC, Czechoslovakia, French Polynesia, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, India, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Russia, Samoa

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