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1922a issue of Germany

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Short desc: 1922a

Issuer: Germany
Date: 1/1922

Consists of 25 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5pf cl d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
10pf dkolgrn d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
15pf turqbl d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
25pf brn d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
30pf blgrn d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
40pf redorg d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
50pf vio d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
60pf redvio d=iron workers wmk=network
75pf redvio d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) wmk=network
75pf ultra d=numeral (1921) wmk=network
80pf carrose d=iron workers wmk=network
100pf grn d=miners right wmk=network
120pf ultra d=miners right wmk=network
1 1/4m ver&redvio d=Germania (Deutsches Reich) wmk=network
150pf org d=farmers (1921) wmk=network
160pf slgrn d=farmers (1921) wmk=network
2m vio&rose d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
3m orgred&yel d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
4m dpgrn&yelgrn d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
5m org&yel d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
10m carrose&rose d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
20m vio&org d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
30m brn&yel d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
50m dkgrn&vio d=posthorn (1921) wmk=network
50m dkgrn&vio d=posthorn (1921) wmk=quatrefoils

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Issues with this name: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgian Congo, Danzig, Estonia, Far Eastern Republic, Gambia, Germany, Guatemala, Italian offices in the Turkish Empire, Jordan, Malta, Memel, Russia, St. Helena, Siberia, Turkey in Asia

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