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1956 issue of Berlin

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Short desc: 1956

Issuer: Berlin
Dates: 4/1956 - 3/1/1963

Consists of 18 stamps: (See stamps as list)

2/23/1957 1pf gray d=Brandenburg Gate perf=14
3/1/1963 3pf d=Brandenburg Gate perf=14
2/23/1957 5pf d=Post management buildung of state perf=14
7pf blgrn d=radio tower perf=14
7pf grn d=radio tower perf=14
8pf gray d=Neukölln townhall perf=14
1959 8pf redorg d=Town hall Neukölln perf=14
10pf grn d=Ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church perf=14
15pf ultra d=Air bridge monument Tempelhof perf=14
20pf car d=Henry Ford building of the free University Dahlem perf=14
25pf brn d=Lilienthal monument Lichterfelde perf=14
30pf graygrn d=Pfaueninsel palace perf=14
40pf bl d=Charlottenburg Palace perf=14
50pf brnol d=Reuter powerplant perf=14
60pf brn d=Chamber of industry & commerce with stock exchange perf=14
70pf vio d=Schiller theatre
1m ol d=Statue of Great Elector
3m redpur

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