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1898 provisional issue of Guatemala

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Short desc: 1898 provisional

Issuer: Guatemala
Date: 1898

Consists of 11 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c oc=blk on=7/1/1886-75c
1c oc=red on=7/1/1886-50c
1c redorg oc=blk on=1893-25c
1c vio oc=red on=1888-5c-vio
6c oc=blk on=7/1/1886-10c
6c oc=blk on=7/1/1886-20c
6c oc=blk on=7/1/1886-100c
6c oc=blk on=7/1/1886-200c
6c oc=red on=7/1/1886-150c
6c vio oc=red on=1888-5c-vio
10c oc=red on=7/1/1886-20c

All are d=quetzal (1886)

Issues with this name: Guatemala, Mozambique

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