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3rd Ecuadorian Games issue of Ecuador

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  • Colnect-372-722-Hurdling.jpg
  • Colnect-2543-263-Boxing.jpg
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Short desc: 3rd Ecuadorian Games

Issuer: Ecuador
Date: 9/11/1975
Occasion: Ecuadorian Games / 3rd Ecuadorian Games

Consists of 14 stamps: (See stamps as list)

0.20s blk&grnyel d=chess
0.20s blk&redorg d=hurdling (1975)
0.30s blk&car d=boxing
0.30s d=basketball (1975)
0.40s blk&grnyel d=riding
0.40s blk&dlvio d=cycling
0.50s blk&grn d=soccer
0.50s blk<rd d=Fencing
1.00s blk<gray d=Table tennis
1.30s blk<rd d=Tennis
2.00s blk&orgyel d=rifle shooting
2.80s blk&brnred d=Volleyball
3.00s blk<grn d=monument
5.00s blk&dkpur d=mask

All are postage wmk=unwmk

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