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1955 issue of India

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Short desc: 1955

Issuer: India
Date: 1/26/1955

Consists of 18 stamps: (See stamps as list)

3p roselil d=tractor (1955)
6p dpvio d=power looms
9p orgbrn d=bullock irrigation pump
1a dpblgrn d=Damodar Valley dam
2a bl d=charkha operator
3a blgrn d=woman at loom
4a rosered d=bullock team
6a yelbrn d=malaria control
8a dpbl d=Chittaranjan locomotive works
10a aqua d=plane over Bombay
12a viobl d=Hindustan aircraft factory
14a emer d=plane over Kashmir Valley
1r dkslgrn d=telephone factory worker
1r2a gray d=plane over Cape Comorin
1r8a cl d=plane over Kanchenjunga Mtns
2r carrose d=rare earth factory
5r brn d=Sindri fertilizer factory
10r org d=steel mill

All are wmk=mult stars

Issues with this name: Quaiti State in Hadhramaut, Andorra (Fr), Bechuanaland Protectorate, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, PRC, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, French Morocco, German Democratic Republic, Great Britain, India, Iran, Jordan, Korea, Libya, Monaco, New Zealand, Oman, Romania, St. Vincent, Samoa, Sarawak, Singapore, Turkey

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