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Virgil 2000th issue of Italy

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  • Colnect-167-138-Aeneas-receives-the-mandate-of-supporting-the-people.jpg
  • Colnect-167-139-Aeneas-landed-on-the-Tiber-greets-the-new-land.jpg
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Short desc: Virgil 2000th

Issuer: Italy
Date: 10/21/1930
Occasion: Virgil birth
Number/Year: 2000

Consists of 13 stamps: (See stamps as list)

15c brn d=Helenus greets Aeneas
20c org d=Aeneas receives the mandate of supporting the people
25c grn d=Aeneas landed on the Tiber greets the new land
30c dlvio d=Greetings to the land of Italy
50c vio d=The wealth of farmers
75c rosered d=The Family
1.25l bl d=Anchises in view of Italy
5+1.50l brnred d=Pastoral life
10+2.50l olgrn d=Turn encourages his men
airmail 50c brn
airmail 1l org
airmail 7.70+1.30l dkpur
airmail 9+2l dkbl

All are wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14

Used by 9 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-15c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-20c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-25c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-30c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-50c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-75c
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-1.25l
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-5l+1.50l
issuer=Italy-issue=Virgil 2000th-10l+2.50l

Issues with this name: Cyrenaica, Eritrea, Italy, Aegean Islands, San Marino (1981), Somalia, Tripolitania

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