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kingdom 10th issue of Albania

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Short desc: kingdom 10th

Issuer: Albania
Date: 8/30/1938
Occasion: kingdom of Albania / kingdom founding
Number/Year: 10

Consists of 10 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1q redvio d=Queen Geraldine perf=14
2q orgred d=national symbols perf=14
5q dkgrn d=Queen Geraldine perf=14
10q brn d=King Zog (1938) perf=14
15q car d=Queen Geraldine perf=14
20q dkgrn
25q dkbl d=King Zog (1938) perf=14
30q blvio
50q blk d=national symbols perf=14
1fr dkol d=King Zog I of Albania perf=14

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