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ancient glory issue of Libya

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Short desc: ancient glory

Issuer: Libya
Date: 1921
Occasion: unset

Consists of 12 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c blk&graybrn d=Roman legionary
2c blk&redbrn d=Roman legionary
5c blk&grn d=Roman legionary
10c blk&rose d=Diana of Ephesus
15c blkbrn&brnorg d=Diana of Ephesus
25c dkbl&bl d=Diana of Ephesus
30c d=ancient galley leaving Tripoli
50c d=ancient galley leaving Tripoli
55c blk&vio d=ancient galley leaving Tripoli
1l d=Victory (1921)
5l d=Victory (1921)
10l d=Victory (1921)

All are wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14

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