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1895 issue of Mexico

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Short desc: 1895

Issuer: Mexico
Date: 1895

Consists of 13 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c grn d=letter carrier (1895)
2c car d=letter carrier (1895)
3c orgbrn d=letter carrier (1895)
4c org d=mounted courier
5c ultra d=statue
10c lilrose d=mail coach (1895)
12c olbrn d=mounted courier
15c grnbl d=mail coach (1895)
20c brnrose d=mail coach (1895)
50c pur d=mail coach (1895)
1p brn d=mail train
5p scar d=mail train
10p dpbl d=mail train

All are wmk=CORREOS E U M perf=5.5x11,misc paper=blue lines

Issues with this name: South Australia, British Central Africa, Denmark, Eritrea, Grenada, Korea, Perak, Selangor, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique Company, Portugal, Samoa, Timor, United States, Uruguay

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