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independence 100th issue of Mexico

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Short desc: independence 100th

Issuer: Mexico
Date: 1910
Occasion: Independence (Mexico)
Number/Year: 100

Consists of 11 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c dlvio d=Josefa Ortiz
2c grn d=Leona Vicario
3c orgbrn d=Lopez Rayon
4c car d=Juan Aldama
5c org d=Miguel Hidalgo
10c bl&org d=Ignacio Allende (1910)
15c graybl&cl d=Gonzalez
20c red&bl d=Abasolo
50c redbrn&blk d=Grito de Dolores, by Unzueta
1p bl&blk d=mass on Mount of Crosses
5p car&blk d=Capture of Granaditas

All are wmk=SERVICIO POSTAL... perf=5.5x11,misc paper=blue lines

Issues with this name: Belgium (1930), Bolivia (1925), Brazil (1922), Chile, Dominican Republic (1944), Finland (2017), Greece (1930), Liberia (1947), Luxembourg (1939), Mexico, Netherlands (1913), Nicaragua (1921), Panama (1921), Peru (1921), El Salvador (1921), Uruguay (1930)

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