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provisional b issue of Lithuanian occupation of Memel

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Short desc: provisional b

Issuer: Lithuanian occupation of Memel
Dates: 4/16/1923 - 5/28/1923
Sort position: 2

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

4/30/1923 2c yel d=Lithuanian arms a oc=blk on=issue=arms-20m
5/17/1923 2c yelgrn d=Lithuanian arms a oc=blk on=issue=arms-50m
4/23/1923 3c brnol d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-300m
5/13/1923 3c dplil d=Lithuanian arms a oc=blk on=issue=arms-40m
5c brnol d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-300m
5/2/1923 5c red d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-100m
5/12/1923 10c olbrn d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-400m
5/28/1923 30c viobrn d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-500m
5/18/1923 1l ltbl d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-1000m

Issues with this name: South China Liberation Area (1949), Lithuanian occupation of Memel, Hawaii (1893)

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