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1915a issue of New Zealand

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Short desc: 1915a

Issuer: New Zealand
Dates: 7/30/1915 - 2/1922

Consists of 16 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1/2p yelgrn
1 1/2d gray
2p pur
1/15/1916 2p orgyel
2 1/2p dlbl
3p viobrn
4p orgyel
4/7/1916 4p pur
4 1/2p dkgrn
4/19/1921 5p bl
6p carrose
7 1/2p redbrn
4/19/1921 8p ind perf=14x13.5
2/1922 8p redbrn
9p olgrn
1sh ver

All are d=King George V (1915 New Zealand) wmk=NZ & star (close)

Used by 9 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-1sh
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-9p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-7 1/2p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-6p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-4 1/2p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-2 1/2p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-1/2p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-3p
issuer=New Zealand-issue=1915a-1916-4p

Issues with this name: Australia, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Iran, Liberia, Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, New Zealand, North West Pacific Islands, Timor, Togo, British occupation of Togo, Turkey

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