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1939 issue of North Borneo

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Short desc: 1939

Issuer: North Borneo
Date: 1/1/1939

Consists of 15 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c dkbrn&blgrn d=buffalo (1939)
2c graybl&dkpur d=cockatoo (1939)
3c dkgrn&graybl d=native
4c brnvio&olgrn d=proboscis monkey (1939)
6c brnvio&dkbl d=Mounted Bajaus
8c red d=Map of North Borneo
10c olgrn&vio d=Pongo pygmaeus (1939)
12c ultra&dkgrn d=Murut with blowpipe (1939)
15c brn&blgrn d=Dayak
20c blblk&lil d=river scene (1939)
25c dkbrn&blgrn d=Native boat
50c dkvio&dkbrn d=Mount Kinabalu (1939)
$1 rose&dkbrn d=arms of North Borneo (1939)
$2 grnol&vio d=arms of North Borneo (1939)
$5 d=arms of North Borneo (1939)

Used by 15 stampdescs as issue:
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-1c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-2c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-3c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-4c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-6c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-8c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-10c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-12c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-15c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-20c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-25c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-50c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-$1
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-$2
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-$5

Issues with this name: Aden, Afghanistan, Brazil, Cameroun, Cape Juby, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, French Morocco, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hatay, Honduras, Iceland, Kuwait, Monaco, North Borneo, Norway, Russia, Spanish Morocco, Sweden, Uruguay, Canal Zone, Yugoslavia

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