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1908f issue of Paraguay

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Short desc: 1908f

Issuer: Paraguay
Date: 1908
Sort position: 6

Consists of 9 stamps: (See stamps as list)

5c bis oc=blk on=type=official-1908-20c-bis
5c blgray oc=blk on=type=official-1908-30c-blgray
5c emer oc=blk on=type=official-1908-10c-emer
5c orgbrn oc=blk on=type=official-1908-60c-orgbrn
5c redlil oc=blk on=type=official-1908-10c-redlil
5c salpink oc=blk on=type=official-1908-20c-salpink
5c ultra oc=blk on=type=official-1908-60c-ultra
5c yel oc=blk on=type=official-1908-30c-yel
20c bl d=seal of Paraguay (1903) oc=blk on=type=official-1903-5c

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