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New Coinage issue of Guyana

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Short desc: New Coinage

Issuer: Guyana
Date: 5/26/1977
Occasion: New Coinage (Guyana)

Consists of 6 stamps: (See stamps as list)

8c d=1 Cent 5 Cents Coins
15c d=10 Cents 25 Cents Coins
35c d=50 Cents 1 dollar coins
40c d=5 Dollars 10 Dollars Coins
$1 d=50 Dollars coin
$2 d=Back side of gold coin

Issues with this name: Ascension (1984), Falkland Islands (1975), Gibraltar (1989), Guyana, Malawi (1965), Papua New Guinea (1975), St. Helena (1984), Tuvalu (1976)

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