Aggregate public collection of MecklenburgSchwerin

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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
Colnect-1300-654-Bull-head.jpg stamp postage 7/1/1856 4/4s dlred issue=1856 d=arms of Mecklenburg (small, colored background) unwmk imperf *
Mec-Schwerin_1856_2_Wappen.jpg stamp postage 7/1/1856 3s ltorg issue=1856 d=arms of Mecklenburg (large) unwmk imperf o
Colnect-1300-657-Bull-head.jpg stamp postage 1864 4/4s dlred issue=1864 d=arms of Mecklenburg (small, white background) unwmk perf=roul 11.5 o
Colnect-1300-660-Crowned-arms.jpg stamp postage 1864 3s yelorg issue=1864 d=arms of Mecklenburg (large) unwmk perf=roul 11.5 *
No image sheet o

1 to 5 of 5