Aggregate public collection of El Salvador

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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
Colnect-6023-580--.jpg stamp postage 1887 3c brn d=allegorical figure o
Colnect-1102-167-Victory-in-the-oval.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1890 1c grn d=Salvador 1890 *
Colnect-2804-906-Victory-in-the-oval.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1890 20c org d=Salvador 1890 *
Colnect-819-073-Locomotive-in-front-of-San-Miguel-volcano.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1891 1c ver d=volcano San Miguel (1891) *
Colnect-4218-594-Locomotive-and-volcan.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1891 2c yelgrn d=volcano San Miguel (1891) *
Colnect-5109-306-Locomotive-in-front-of-San-Miguel-volcano.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1891 25c yelbrn d=volcano San Miguel (1891) *
Colnect-1102-186-Landing-of-Columbus.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1892 1c blgrn d=landing of Columbus 1892 *
Colnect-1712-941-Landing-of-Columbus.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1892 3c ultra d=landing of Columbus 1892 *
Colnect-1102-189-Landing-of-Columbus.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1892 1p carlake d=landing of Columbus 1892 *
Colnect-1712-947-General-Carlos-Ezeta-1853-1903.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1893 11c ver issue=1893 d=Ezeta *
Colnect-1102-192-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 1c brn issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1873-648-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 2c bl issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) o
Colnect-1873-649-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 3c mar issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1873-650-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 5c orgbrn issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1102-193-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 10c vio issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1102-194-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 11c ver issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1102-195-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 20c bl issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-1102-196-Liberty.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1894 25c org issue=1894 d=Liberty (1894 El Salvador) *
Colnect-3162-581-General-Antonio-Ezeta-overprinted.jpg stamp postage 1/1/1895 2c dkgrn&bl issue=1895a d=arms ovpt *
Colnect-1712-954-Coat-of-Arms.jpg stamp postage 6/1895 5c bl issue=1895b dt=arms of El Salvador (1895) d=arms of El Salvador (1895 5c) *
Colnect-3345-468-Coat-of-arms.jpg stamp postage 1897 1c scar issue=1897a d=arms (1897) wmk=liberty cap *
No image stamp postage 1897 24c yel issue=1897b d=Atehausillas Falls unwmk *
Colnect-2230-603-Allegory-of-Central-American-Union.jpg stamp postage 1898 1c ver d=allegory (1898) unwmk *
Colnect-2480-547-Allegory-of-Central-American-Union.jpg stamp postage 2/1899 1c brn issue=1899b d=Ceres (1899) unwmk *
Colnect-1720-288-Allegory-of-Central-American-Union.jpg stamp postage 2/1899 2c grn issue=1899b d=Ceres (1899) unwmk *
Colnect-1720-289-Allegory-of-Central-American-Union.jpg stamp postage 2/1899 3c bl issue=1899b d=Ceres (1899) unwmk *
El_Salvador_1907_1c_Colored_Dots_Detail.jpg stamp postage 1907 1c grn&blk issue=1907c d=National Palace (1907) unwmk o
Colnect-5482-716-Nacional-Palace.jpg stamp postage 1907 3c yel&blk issue=1907c d=National Palace (1907) unwmk o
Colnect-3724-277-National-palace-overprinted.jpg stamp postage 1907 5c bl&blk issue=1907c d=National Palace (1907) unwmk o
Colnect-819-077-General-Fernando-Figueroa-1849%7E1919.jpg stamp postage 1910 1c sep&blk d=General Fernando Figueroa wmk=honeycomb (El Salvador) *
Colnect-3134-848-General-Fernando-Figueroa-1849-1919.jpg stamp postage 1910 2c dkgrn&blk d=General Fernando Figueroa wmk=honeycomb (El Salvador) *
Colnect-2805-777-General-Fernando-Figueroa-1849-1919.jpg stamp postage 1910 5c pur&blk d=General Fernando Figueroa wmk=honeycomb (El Salvador) *
Colnect-3134-850-General-Fernando-Figueroa-1849-1919.jpg stamp postage 1910 6c scar&blk d=General Fernando Figueroa wmk=honeycomb (El Salvador) *
Colnect-2805-783-General-Fernando-Figueroa-1849-1919.jpg stamp postage 1910 50c yel&blk d=General Fernando Figueroa wmk=honeycomb (El Salvador) *
Colnect-3732-166-National-palace.jpg stamp postage 1911 24c yel issue=1911c d=National Palace (1907) unwmk *
Colnect-2757-985-Jos%C3%A9-Mat%C3%ADas-Delgado-y-de-Le%C3%B3n-1767-1832.jpg stamp postage 1912 1c dpbl&blk dt=heroes&monuments d=Delgado unwmk o
Colnect-3134-858-Manuel-Jos%C3%A9-Arce-y-Fagoaga-1787-1847.jpg stamp postage 1912 2c brn&blk dt=heroes&monuments d=Manuel José Arce unwmk o
Colnect-3134-860-Jos%C3%A9-Francisco-Moraz%C3%A1n-Quezada-1792-1842.jpg stamp postage 1912 5c scar&blk dt=heroes&monuments d=Morazan (1912) unwmk o
Colnect-3134-861-Rafael-Campo-Pomar-1813-1890.jpg stamp postage 1912 6c grn&blk dt=heroes&monuments d=Rafael Campo Pomar 1813-1890 unwmk o
Colnect-3134-864-Jos%C3%A9-de-la-Trinidad-Francisco-Caba%C3%B1as-Fiallos-1805-1871.jpg stamp postage 1912 12c olgrn&blk dt=heroes&monuments d=José de la Trinidad Francisco Cabañas Fiallos 1805-1871 unwmk o
Colnect-2805-053-Barrios-monument.jpg stamp postage 1912 17c vio&slbl dt=heroes&monuments d=Barrios monument unwmk o
Colnect-4859-896-National-Theatre.jpg stamp postage 1916 1c grn issue=1916 dt=National Theater unwmk *
Colnect-4859-897-National-Theatre.jpg stamp postage 1916 2c ver issue=1916 dt=National Theater unwmk *
Colnect-2783-278-National-Theatre.jpg stamp postage 1916 5c dpbl issue=1916 dt=National Theater unwmk o
Colnect-3193-302-National-Theatre.jpg stamp postage 1916 6c grayvio issue=1916 dt=National Theater unwmk *
Colnect-4892-658-Official-stamps-with-red-overprint.jpg stamp postage 1917 50c issue=1917b unwmk o
No image stamp postage 1919 1c org dt=National Theater oc=vio on=issue=1916-17c-org unwmk o
Colnect-1224-562-Manuel-Jos-eacute--Arce-1787-1847.jpg stamp postage 1921 2c blk issue=1921b d=Arce unwmk o
Colnect-3152-433-Delgado-Addressing-Crowd.jpg stamp postage 1921 6c carrose issue=1921b d=Delgado speaking to crowd unwmk o
Colnect-1102-201-100-years-Independence.jpg stamp postage 1921 10c dpbl issue=1921b d=arms (1921) unwmk o
No image stamp postage 1923 10c blk issue=1923 provisional oc=vio on=1921-2c-blk o
No image stamp postage 1923 20c carrose issue=1923 provisional oc=vio on=1921-6c-carrose o
Colnect-819-079-Monument-Hernandez.jpg stamp postage 1924 1c redvio issue=1924c d=Daniel Hernandez monument unwmk o
Colnect-1723-989-National-Gymnasium.jpg stamp postage 1924 2c red issue=1924c d=National Gymnasium unwmk o
Colnect-1720-292-Conspiracy-of-1811.jpg stamp postage 1924 5c olblk issue=1924c d=Conspiracy of 1811 unwmk o
Colnect-819-081-Bridge-over-Lempa.jpg stamp postage 1924 6c grnbl issue=1924c d=Bridge over Lempa unwmk o
Colnect-819-082-Map-of-Centralamerica.jpg stamp postage 1924 10c dporg issue=1924c d=Map of Centralamerica unwmk o
Colnect-819-083-Balsam-of-Peru-tree.jpg stamp postage 1924 20c grn issue=1924c d=Balsam of Peru tree unwmk o
Colnect-5809-132-Statue.jpg stamp postage 1925 2c vio d=independence monument oc=vio on=60c-vio unwmk *
No image stamp postage 1932 1c redvio issue=1932 d=Daniel Hernandez monument ovpt=1932 oc=vio on=issue=1924c-1c-redvio unwmk *
Colnect-1981-401-Police-Barrack.jpg stamp postage 1934 2c issue=1934b d=police barracks var=no shading wmk=REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR in sheet o
Colnect-1981-402-Police-Barrack.jpg stamp postage 1934 5c issue=1934b d=police barracks var=no shading wmk=REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR in sheet o
No image stamp postage 10/26/1935 2c d=flag wmk=REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR in sheet o
Colnect-5126-650-Doroteo-Vasconcelos-1803-1883.jpg stamp postage 12/1935 3c grn issue=1935 d=Vasconcellos unwmk o
Colnect-819-084-Campo-de-Marte-San-Salvadore.jpg stamp postage 12/1935 5c carrose issue=1935 d=Campo de MarteSan Salvadore unwmk o
Colnect-1829-933-Dr-Tomas-Palomo.jpg stamp postage 12/1935 8c dkbl issue=1935 d=Dr Tomas Palomo unwmk o
No image stamp postage 12/1935 10c org issue=1935 unwmk o
Colnect-4565-962-Indian-Sugar-Mill.jpg stamp postage 1938 1c dkvio issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-4159-850-Indigenas-regionales.jpg stamp postage 1938 2c dkgrn issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-1859-992-Source-indigenous.jpg stamp postage 1938 3c brn issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-3396-148-Farmer.jpg stamp postage 1938 5c scar issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-1859-987-Izote-flower.jpg stamp postage 1938 8c dkbl issue=1938 d=izote flower unwmk o
Colnect-2452-682-Domestic-Cattle-Bos-primigenius-taurus.jpg stamp postage 1939 10c issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-5568-641-Extracting-Balsam.jpg stamp postage 1939 20c issue=1938 unwmk o
Colnect-5658-250-Cuscatl%C3%A1n-Bridge-overprint.jpg stamp postage 11/24/1944 8c dkbl&blk d=Cuscatlan Bridge unwmk o
Colnect-2757-981-General-Ramon-Belloso.jpg stamp postage 1947 8c dkbl issue=1947 d=Ramón Belloso unwmk o
Colnect-3734-195-Salvador-Rodriguez-Gonzalez.jpg stamp postage 1947 20c grn issue=1947 d=Salvador Rodriguez Gonzalez unwmk o
No image stamp postage 2/25/1948 8c dpbl issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Manuel José Arce d=Manuel José Arce unwmk o
Colnect-5504-877-Apartments-for-large-families.jpg stamp postage 1960 15c brtpur&multi issue=housing projects unwmk o
Colnect-5504-881-Apartments-for-large-families.jpg stamp postage 1960 40c ol&multi issue=housing projects unwmk o
Colnect-3154-274-Biplane.jpg stamp airmail 9/15/1930 15c rosered d=mail plane unwmk o
Colnect-3154-277-Biplane.jpg stamp airmail 9/15/1930 40c dpultra d=mail plane unwmk o
Colnect-1851-148-Golden-Gate-Bridge.jpg stamp airmail 4/14/1939 15c yel&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) unwmk o
Colnect-1851-149-Golden-Gate-Bridge.jpg stamp airmail 4/14/1939 30c dkbrn&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) unwmk o
Colnect-2946-385-Fruiting-coffee-tree.jpg stamp airmail 11/27/1940 30c brn dt=coffee unwmk o
Colnect-2100-690-Golden-Gate-exhibition.jpg stamp airmail 1943 15c yel&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(larger) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-15c unwmk *
Colnect-2100-691-Golden-Gate-exhibition.jpg stamp airmail 1943 20c dkbrn&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(larger) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-30c unwmk *
Colnect-1100-954-Golden-Gate-exhibition.jpg stamp airmail 1943 25c dkbl&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(larger) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-40c unwmk *
Colnect-2100-692-Golden-Gate-Bridge.jpg stamp airmail 1944 15c yel&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(smaller) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-15c unwmk *
Colnect-2100-693-Golden-Gate-Bridge.jpg stamp airmail 1944 20c dkbrn&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(smaller) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-30c unwmk *
Colnect-2100-695-Golden-Gate-Bridge.jpg stamp airmail 1944 25c dkbl&blk d=Golden Gate Bridge (1939) ovpt=15(smaller) oc=vio on=4/14/1939-40c unwmk *
Colnect-1100-956-National-Theatre.jpg stamp airmail 12/22/1944 20c d=National Theater unwmk o
No image stamp airmail 12/23/1945 1col ovpt=Aereo oc=vio on=1939-1col unwmk o
No image stamp postal tax 1931 1c grn d=Balsam of Peru tree ovpt=EDIFICIOS//... oc=vio on=1924-20c-grn unwmk o
Colnect-4383-952-Columbus-at-La-Rabida.jpg stamp postal tax 1931 1c orgbrn ovpt=EDIFICIOS//... oc=vio on=1924-50c-orgbrn unwmk o
No image stamp postal tax 1931 2c grn d=Balsam of Peru tree ovpt=EDIFICIOS//... oc=vio on=1924-20c-grn unwmk o
No image sheet o

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