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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-323x280at208-323.jpg stamp postage 1980 1c multi issue=1980 d=morganite unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-327x280at522-323.jpg stamp postage 1980 3c multi issue=1980 d=amethyst (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-327x284at841-323.jpg stamp postage 1980 4c multi issue=1980 d=garnet unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-331x293at1160-318.jpg stamp postage 1980 5c multi issue=1980 d=citrine unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-327x284at1479-323.jpg stamp postage 1980 7c multi issue=1980 d=blue topaz unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-369x327at1797-280.jpg stamp postage 1980 9c multi issue=1980 d=black rhinoceros (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-374x335at2159-272.jpg stamp postage 1980 11c multi issue=1980 d=lion (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-374x335at199-786.jpg stamp postage 1980 13c multi issue=1980 d=warthog (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-374x331at569-794.jpg stamp postage 1980 15c multi issue=1980 d=giraffe (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-378x340at939-790.jpg stamp postage 1980 17c multi issue=1980 d=zebra (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-433x378at1309-748.jpg stamp postage 1980 21c multi issue=1980 d=Odzani Falls (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-2863-520-Goba-Falls.jpg stamp postage 1980 25c multi issue=1980 d=Goba Falls (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-2863-521-Inyangombi-Falls.jpg stamp postage 1980 30c multi issue=1980 d=Inyangombi Falls unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-3264-796-Bundi-falls.jpg stamp postage 3/14/1983 40c multi issue=1980 d=Bundi Falls unwmk perf=14.5x14.25 o
Colnect-2863-522-Bridal-Veil-Falls.jpg stamp postage 1980 $1 multi issue=1980 d=Bridal Veil Falls (Zimbabwe) (1980) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-365x527at2154-1126.jpg stamp postage 6/18/1980 4c multi issue=Rotary 75th unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-518x357at471-1814.jpg stamp postage 9/1980 5c multi issue=Post Office Savings Bank of Zimbabwe 75th dt=post offices (1980) d=Gatooma Post Office 1912 unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-095-Salisbury-Post-Office-1912.jpg stamp postage 9/1980 7c multi issue=Post Office Savings Bank of Zimbabwe 75th dt=post offices (1980) d=Salisbury Post Office 1912 unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-096-Umtali-Post-Office-1901.jpg stamp postage 9/1980 9c multi issue=Post Office Savings Bank of Zimbabwe 75th dt=post offices (1980) d=Umtali 1901 unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-097-Bulawayo-Post-Office-1895.jpg stamp postage 9/1980 17c multi issue=Post Office Savings Bank of Zimbabwe 75th dt=post offices (1980) d=Bulawayo Post Office unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-352x522at204-2171.jpg stamp postage 9/23/1981 5c multi dt=disabilities d=blind person unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-116-Deaf-Person.jpg stamp postage 9/23/1981 7c multi dt=disabilities d=person with hearing aid unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-117-Person-with-one-leg.jpg stamp postage 9/23/1981 11c multi dt=disabilities d=person missing a leg unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-348x527at1287-2171.jpg stamp postage 12/4/1981 5c multi issue=National Tree Day dt=trees (1981) d=msasa (1981) unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-3264-119-Mopane-Colophospermum-mopane.jpg stamp postage 12/4/1981 7c multi issue=National Tree Day dt=trees (1981) d=mopane unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-518x365at2006-2324.jpg stamp postage 3/17/1982 9c multi dt=rock paintings d=Gwamgwadza Cave unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-365x518at191-2698.jpg stamp postage 7/21/1982 9c multi issue=Scouting Year d=Scout Emblem unwmk o
Colnect-3264-757-Around-Campfire.jpg stamp postage 7/21/1982 11c multi issue=Scouting Year d=campfire unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-361x522at930-2698.jpg stamp postage 3/14/1983 9c multi issue=Commonwealth Day 1983 d=Wing Woman by Mudzengerere unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-1209-897-Telling-Secrets.jpg stamp postage 3/14/1983 11c multi issue=Commonwealth Day 1983 d=Telling Secrets unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-361x531at1789-2703.jpg stamp postage 10/12/1983 9c multi issue=World Communications Year d=mailman (1983) unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-1-300dpi.jpg-crop-361x522at2142-2707.jpg stamp postage 10/12/1983 17c multi issue=World Communications Year d=people reading newspapers unwmk perf=14.5 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-522x361at110-255.jpg stamp postage 5/15/1985 9c multi issue=Steam Safaris 1985 dt=Steam Locomotives (1985 Zimbabwe) d=Engine number 86 9th class 1918 unwmk perf=14.25 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-510x369at624-250.jpg stamp postage 5/15/1985 11c multi issue=Steam Safaris 1985 dt=Steam Locomotives (1985 Zimbabwe) d=Locomotive no 190 class 12 unwmk perf=14.25 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-522x352at1130-259.jpg stamp postage 5/15/1985 30c multi issue=Steam Safaris 1985 dt=Steam Locomotives (1985 Zimbabwe) d=Engine 726 unwmk perf=14.25 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-382x348at1972-267.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 1c multi issue=1985 d=tobacco (1985) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-386x340at21-799.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 3c multi issue=1985 d=maize (1985) unwmk o
Colnect-1474-831-Cotton.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 4c multi issue=1985 d=cotton unwmk o
Colnect-5250-425-Tea.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 5c multi issue=1985 d=tea unwmk o
Colnect-4007-395-Cattle.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 10c multi issue=1985 d=cattle (1985) unwmk o
Colnect-5250-427-Birchenough-Bridge.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 11c multi issue=1985 d=Birchenough Bridge unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-5250-428-Stamp-mill.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 12c multi issue=1985 d=Stamp mill unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-1091-717-Gold-production.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 13c multi issue=1985 d=Gold production unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-4027-422-Coal-mining.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 15c multi issue=1985 d=Coal mining unwmk o
Colnect-1212-344-Kariba-Dam.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 20c multi issue=1985 d=Kariba Dam (1985) unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-6109-840-Elephants.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 23c multi issue=1985 d=elephants (1985) unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-4007-394-Zambezi-river.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 25c multi issue=1985 d=sunset over Zambezi River unwmk o
Colnect-2328-411-Baobab-tree.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 26c multi issue=1985 d=baobab tree unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-1212-345-Ruins-of-Great-Zimbabwe.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 30c multi issue=1985 d=Ruins of Great Zimbabwe unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-3264-925-Traditional-dance.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 35c multi issue=1985 d=Traditional Dance unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-3264-926-Woman-in-maize-preparation.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 45c multi issue=1985 d=woman crushing maize unwmk perf=14.75 o
Colnect-3264-927-Wood-Carving.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 57c multi issue=1985 d=wood carving unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-382x348at1534-1844.jpg stamp postage 8/21/1985 $1 multi issue=1985 d=Mbira (1985) unwmk perf=14.75 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-539x369at34-2341.jpg stamp postage 9/18/1985 12c multi issue=National Archives of Zimbabwe 50th d=Mutapa Gatsi Rusere unwmk perf=14.25 o
STS-Zimbabwe-2-300dpi.jpg-crop-527x361at582-2346.jpg stamp postage 11/13/1985 10c multi issue=UN Decade for Women d=computer operator unwmk perf=14.25 o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-378x335at633-272.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 1c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=tiger fish (1990) unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-374x335at1007-272.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 2c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=Helmeted Guineafowl (1990) unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-374x335at1377-272.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 3c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=scrub hare unwmk o
Colnect-5400-763-Ground-Pangolin-Smutsia-temminckii.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 4c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=pangolin (1990) unwmk o
Colnect-3265-942-Greater-Kudu-Tragelaphus-strepsiceros.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 5c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=greater kudu unwmk o
Colnect-3265-943-Black-Rhinoceros-Diceros-bicornis.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 9c multi issue=1990 dt=animals (1990 Zimbabwe) d=black rhinoceros (1990) unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-437x382at578-743.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 15c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=headrest (1990) unwmk o
Colnect-1082-443-Hand-axe-and-adze.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 20c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=Hand axe & adze unwmk o
Colnect-1232-880-Gourd-and-water-pot.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 23c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=Gourd & water pot unwmk o
Colnect-1082-444-Snuff-container.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 25c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=snuff box unwmk o
Colnect-1232-881-Winnowing-tray-and-basket.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 26c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=Winnowing tray & basket unwmk o
Colnect-2277-166-Grinding-stone.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 30c multi issue=1990 dt=crafts d=grinding stone unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-510x357at1508-1292.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 33c multi issue=1990 dt=transportation (1990) d=bicycles unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-518x361at2014-1287.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 35c multi issue=1990 dt=transportation (1990) d=buses & passengers unwmk o
STS-Zimbabwe-3-300dpi.jpg-crop-522x357at191-1814.jpg stamp postage 1/2/1990 $1 multi issue=1990 dt=transportation (1990) d=Air Zimbabwe Boeing 737 unwmk o
Colnect-860-627-African-Barred-Owlet%C2%A0Glaucidium-capense.jpg stamp postage 4/15/1987 12c multi dt=owls (1987) d=African Barred Owlet Glaucidium capense unwmk perf=14.25 o
Colnect-2344-253-Saluting---Commitment.jpg stamp postage 6/24/1987 15c multi issue=75th Anniv. Of Girl Guides d=Saluting - Commitment unwmk o
Colnect-4700-928-Aloe-cameronii.jpg stamp postage 7/14/1988 15c multi dt=plants (1988 Zimbabwe) d=Aloe cameronii unwmk o
Colnect-2343-041-White-faced-Whistling-Duck-Dendrocygna-viduata.jpg stamp postage 10/6/1988 15c multi dt=Wild Duck and Geese Of Zimbabwe d=White Faced Whistling Duck unwmk o
Colnect-1232-855-O--Shaughnessy--s-Banded-Gecko.jpg stamp postage 1/10/1989 15c multi dt=geckos (1989) d=O'Shaughnessy's Banded Gecko unwmk perf=14.5 **
Colnect-3265-658-Tiger-Thick-toed-Gecko-Pachydactylus-tigrinus.jpg stamp postage 1/10/1989 23c multi dt=geckos (1989) d=Pachydactylus tigrinus unwmk perf=14.5 **
Colnect-3265-659-Tasmanian-Leaf-toed-Gecko-Hemidactylus-tasmani.jpg stamp postage 1/10/1989 35c multi dt=geckos (1989) d=Tasman's Gecko unwmk perf=14.5 **
Colnect-3265-660-Bibron--s-Thick-toed-Gecko-Pachydactylus-bibronii.jpg stamp postage 1/10/1989 45c multi dt=geckos (1989) d=Bibrons Gecko unwmk perf=14.5 **
Colnect-3265-661-Chessa-Distichodus-schenga.jpg stamp postage 7/12/1989 23c multi dt=fishes (1989 Zimbabwe) d=Chessa Distichodus schenga unwmk o
Colnect-4608-992-Autunite.jpg stamp postage 1/12/1993 25c multi dt=minerals (1993) d=Autunite unwmk o
Colnect-1700-364-Polystachya-dendrobiflora.jpg stamp postage 10/12/1993 35c multi dt=orchids (1993 Zimbabwe) d=Polystachya dendrobiflora unwmk o
No image sheet o

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