Aggregate public collection of Labuan

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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
Colnect-1742-827-Issues-of-1879.jpg stamp postage 5/1879 16c bl d=Queen Victoria (Labuan) wmk=CA over crown *
Stamp_Labuan_1885_2c.jpg stamp postage 9/1885 2c red issue=1883 d=Queen Victoria (Labuan) wmk=crown & CA o
Colnect-6063-097-Issues-of-1892.jpg stamp postage 1892 6c yelgrn d=Queen Victoria (Labuan) unwmk o
Colnect-5920-607-Issues-of-1892.jpg stamp postage 1892 8c redvio d=Queen Victoria (Labuan) unwmk o
Colnect-6076-535-Queen-Victoria.jpg stamp postage 1892 12c ultra d=Queen Victoria (Labuan) unwmk o
Colnect-6105-201-Dyak-Chieftain.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 1c lil&blk issue=1894b d=Dyak Chief ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-1c-lil&blk-Dyak Chief o
Colnect-1644-099-Sambar-Deer-Cervus-unicolor.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 2c bl&blk issue=1894b d=Sambar stag (1894) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-2c-bl&blk-Sambar stag (1897) *
Colnect-6105-204-Sago-Palm.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 3c bis&blk issue=1894b d=sago palm ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-3c-bis&blk-sago palm *
Colnect-6105-212-Great-Argus-Pheasant-Argusianus-argus.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 5c grn&blk issue=1894b d=Argus pheasant (1894) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-5c-grn&blk-Argus pheasant (1894) o
Colnect-6105-206-Dhow.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 8c brnred&blk issue=1894b d=Malay dhow (1894) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-8c-brnred&blk-Malay dhow (1894) o
Colnect-1644-101-Arms-of-North-Borneo.jpg stamp postage 5/1894 24c lil&bl issue=1894b d=arms ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-24c-lil&bl-arms o
Colnect-6076-548-40-cents-on-1-Dollar.jpg stamp postage 6/1895 40c red ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-1894-$1-red unwmk perf=14 *
Colnect-2442-674-Dyak-Chieftain.jpg stamp postage 1896 1c lil&blk issue=Jubilee d=Dyak Chief ovpt=1846//JUBILEE//1896 oc=blk on=issue=1894b-1c *
No image stamp postage 1897 1c redbrn&blk issue=1897 ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-redbrn&blk-unissued o
2c_stamp_of_labuan_north_borneo.jpg stamp postage 1897 2c bl&blk issue=1897 d=Sambar stag (1897) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-bl&blk-Sambar stag (1897)-unissued o
Colnect-593-351-Sago-Palm.jpg stamp postage 1897 3c bis&blk issue=1897 d=sago palm (1897) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-bis&blk-sago palm (1897)-unissued o
Colnect-1113-795-Great-Argus-Pheasant-Argusianus-argus.jpg stamp postage 1897 5c grn&blk issue=1897 d=Argus pheasant (1897) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-grn&blk-Argus pheasant (1897)-unissued o
Colnect-1644-110-Orangutan-Pongo-sp.jpg stamp postage 1899 4c yelbrn&blk issue=1899 d=orangutan ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-4c-yelbrn&blk-orangutan *
Colnect-1113-707-Orangutan-Pongo-sp.jpg stamp postage 1900 4c car&blk issue=1899 d=orangutan (1897) ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-4c-car&blk-orangutan unwmk perf=14 o
Colnect-5009-251-Railroad-Train.jpg stamp postage 1901 16c orgbrn&grn issue=1899 d=railroad train ovpt=LABUAN oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-16c-orgbrn&grn-railroad train o
Colnect-1644-120-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 1c vio&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-605-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 2c grn&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-1644-121-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 3c sep&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-1644-122-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 4c car&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-608-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 8c org&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-609-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 10c slbl&brn d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-623-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 12c yel&blk d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-613-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 16c orgbrn&grn d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-614-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 18c d=crown (1902) unwmk o
Colnect-6156-616-Crown.jpg stamp postage 9/1902 25c d=crown (1902) unwmk o
No image sheet o

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