Aggregate public stamp collection of Jersey

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Obj What Descr State Condition Value Notes
Colnect-503-016-Carmine-red.jpg stamp postage 1964 2 1/2d issue=1958 *
Colnect-123-731-Queen-Elizabeth.jpg stamp postage 1958 3d issue=1958 wmk=St Edwards crown mult perf=14.75x14.25 o
Colnect-123-731-Queen-Elizabeth.jpg stamp postage 1958 3d issue=1958 wmk=St Edwards crown mult perf=14.75x14.25 *
Colnect-503-018-Olive-sepia.jpg stamp postage 1968 4d olbrn issue=1968 *
Colnect-503-020-Vermillion.jpg stamp postage 1969 4d red issue=1968 unwmk perf=15x14 o
Colnect-503-020-Vermillion.jpg stamp postage 1969 4d red issue=1968 unwmk perf=15x14 *
Colnect-503-019-Royal-Blue.jpg stamp postage 1968 5d issue=1968 *
Colnect-5934-175-La-Hougue-Bie.jpg stamp postage 10/1/1969 1p multi issue=Bailiwick d=La Hougue Bie-Views on Jersey unwmk o
Colnect-5934-180-Mont-Orgueil-Castle-at-Night.jpg stamp postage 10/1/1969 4d multi issue=Bailiwick d=Mont Orgueil Castle at Night-Views on Jersey unwmk o
Colnect-5934-181-Arms---Royal-Mace.jpg stamp postage 10/1/1969 5d multi issue=Bailiwick d=Arms Royal Mace-Views on Jersey unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-5934-581-Independent-Postal-service.jpg stamp postage 10/1/1969 4d issue=postal service inauguration unwmk perf=14.5 o
Colnect-5936-220--Tribute-to-Enid-Blyton-.jpg stamp postage 7/28/1970 4d issue=Battle of Flowers parade d=tribute to Enid Blyton unwmk o
Colnect-5936-221--Rags-to-Riches-.jpg stamp postage 7/28/1970 5d issue=Battle of Flowers parade d=Cinderella (1970) unwmk o
Colnect-5936-462-Elizabeth-Castle.jpg stamp postage 9/1970 1/2p issue=Bailiwick decimal d=Elizabeth Castle unwmk o
Colnect-5936-465-Mont-Orgueil-Castle-at-night.jpg stamp postage 9/1970 2p issue=Bailiwick decimal d=Mont Orgueil by night unwmk o
Colnect-5936-466-Arms---Royal-Mace.jpg stamp postage 9/1970 2 1/2p issue=Bailiwick decimal d=arms & the Royal Mace unwmk o
Colnect-5936-467-La-Hougue-Bie.jpg stamp postage 9/1970 3p issue=Bailiwick decimal d=La Hougue Bie unwmk o
Colnect-5936-471-Martello-Tower-Archirondel.jpg stamp postage 2/15/1971 6p issue=Bailiwick decimal d=Martello Tower Archirodel unwmk o
Colnect-5936-476-White-eared-Pheasant-Crossoptilon-crossoptilon-.jpg stamp postage 3/9/1971 2p issue=Wildlife Preservation Trust d=White-eared pheasant & chicks unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5936-477-Thick-billed-Parrot-Rhynchopsitta-pachyrhyncha-.jpg stamp postage 3/9/1971 2 1/2p issue=Wildlife Preservation Trust d=thick-billed parrots unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5936-704--English-Fleet-in-the-Channel--P-Monamy.jpg stamp postage 10/5/1971 2 1/2p dt=paintings by Jersey artists d=fleet in Channel by Monamy unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5949-681-Cheetah-Acinonyx-jubatus.jpg stamp postage 3/17/1972 2 1/2p dt=wildlife (1972) d=cheetahs (1972) unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5949-685-Tuatara-Sphenodon-punctatus.jpg stamp postage 3/17/1972 9p multi dt=wildlife (1972) d=tuatara lizards unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5949-724-Artillery-Shako.jpg stamp postage 6/27/1972 2 1/2p dt=shakos d=Artillery Shako unwmk o
Colnect-5949-827-Princess-Anne.jpg stamp postage 11/1/1972 2 1/2p issue=Queen wedding 25th d=Princess Anne unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-5949-931-Society.jpg stamp postage 1/23/1973 2 1/2p issue=Jersey Society 100th d=silver cups unwmk o
Colnect-5950-213-Balloon-L-Armee-de-La-Loire-and-Letter-Paris-1870.jpg stamp postage 5/16/1973 3p dt=Jersey aviation history d=balloon & 1870 letter unwmk o
Colnect-5950-393-Railways.jpg stamp postage 8/6/1973 2 1/2p issue=Jersey Eastern Railroad 100th d=locomotive North Western unwmk o
No image stamp postage 11/15/1973 2 1/2p dt=marine life (1973) d=spider crab unwmk perf=11.5 o
Colnect-6080-552-Great-Western-Railway.jpg stamp postage 9/5/1989 13p multi dt=ships (1989 Jersey) d=St. Helier passes inside Elizabeth Castle unwmk perf=13.75 **
Colnect-6080-553-Great-Western-Railway.jpg stamp postage 9/5/1989 17p multi dt=ships (1989 Jersey) unwmk perf=13.75 **
Colnect-6080-554-Great-Western-Railway.jpg stamp postage 9/5/1989 27p multi dt=ships (1989 Jersey) unwmk perf=13.75 **
Colnect-6080-555-Great-Western-Railway.jpg stamp postage 9/5/1989 32p multi dt=ships (1989 Jersey) unwmk perf=13.75 **
Colnect-6080-557-Great-Western-Railway.jpg stamp postage 9/5/1989 35p multi dt=ships (1989 Jersey) d=Lynx (ship) outward bound off Noirmont unwmk perf=13.75 **

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