Source: Colnect
Issued by: Russia
Function: postage
Date: 1909
Issue: 1909
Denom: 70k
Color: brown & red orange
Design: arms of Russia (1889 mantled)
Variant: varnished
Watermark: unwmk
Perf: 14x14.5
Paper: wove
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
Armenia 1920 10r issue=1920e ovpt=squiggle//value oc=blk
Armenia 1920 25r issue=1920k ovpt=squiggle over squiggle oc=blk
12/1922 20r issue=1922d oc=blk
12/1922 20r issue=1922e oc=blk
Far Eastern Republic 1920 4k issue=1920a ovpt=DBP(script) oc=blk
Russian offices in China 1910 issue=1910 ovpt=KITAI oc=blk
Russian offices in China 1917 70c issue=1917 ovpt=KITAI oc=blk

In collections: unused (Stan Shebs)

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