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Issued by: Somalia
Function: postage
Date: 4/12/1926
Issue: St Francis of Assisi death 700th
Denom: 1.25l
Overprint: Somalia
Ovpt color: red
On: No base stamp type set
On-desc: 1.25l of Italy
6 types matching description:
postage 3/1926 1.25l bl&ultra issue=1901 d=Victor Emmanuel III (1901 b) wmk=crown (Italy) perf=14
postage 1926 1.25l dkbl issue=Victor Emmanuel accession 25th d=Victor Emmanuel III (1925) unwmk perf=14
postage 1/30/1926 1.25l dkbl issue=St Francis of Assisi death 700th d=Death of St Francis of Assisi perf=14
parcel post 1884 1.25l org d=Umberto I wmk=stars perf=14
special delivery 9/20/1926 1.25l bl d=Type Leoni perf=14
semipostal 10/26/1926 1,25+0,60l issue=1926 semi d=Campidoglio perf=11
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Public examples: Stan Shebs(#58935)

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