Source: Colnect
Issued by: Burma
Function: postage
Date: 4/1/1937
Denom: 1r
Overprint: BURMA
Ovpt color: black
On: No base stamp type set
On-desc: 1r of India
10 types matching description:
postage 1874 1r sl issue=1873 d=Queen Victoria (1874 India 1r) wmk=elephant head
postage 1/1882 1r gray dt=Empress Victoria d=Queen Victoria (1882 india 1r) wmk=star
postage 1892 1r carrose&grn d=Queen Victoria (1892 India 1r) wmk=star
postage 8/9/1902 1r carrose&grn issue=1902 d=King Edward VII (1902 India 1r) wmk=star
postage 12/1/1911 1r grn&redbrn issue=1911 d=King George V (1911 India r) wmk=star
postage 1926 1r grn&brn issue=1926 d=King George V (1911 India r) wmk=mult stars
postage 2/9/1931 1r vio&grn issue=move to New Delhi d=George V and columns wmk=mult stars
postage 8/23/1937 1r brn&sl issue=1937 d=King George VI & elephants wmk=mult stars
military 1900 1r carrose&grn d=Queen Victoria (1892 India 1r) ovpt=C.E.F. oc=blk on=1r-carrose&grn wmk=star
official 1912 1r grn&redbrn issue=1912 official d=King George V (1911 India r) ovpt=SERVICE oc=blk on=1911-1r-grn&redbrn wmk=star
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