Source: Colnect
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Issued by: Eastern Silesia
Function: postage
Date: 1920
Issue: 1920e
Denom: 50f
Overprint: S.O.//1920.
Ovpt color: black
On: No base stamp type set
On-desc: 50f-blgrn of Poland
3 types matching description:
postage 1/27/1919 50f issue=1919a d=eagle & fasces unwmk imperf
postage 1/27/1919 50f issue=1919b d=eagle & fasces unwmk perf=10-11.5
postage 1920 50f issue=1920a d=eagle & fasces unwmk perf=9-14.5 paper=thin laid
Color: blue green
Catalog value:

Public examples: Stan Shebs(#18240)

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