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Issued by: Italy
Function: postage
Date: 10/1/1901
Issue: 1901
Denom: 45c
Color: olive green
Design: Victor Emmanuel III (1901 a)
Watermark: crown (Italy)
Perf: 14
Catalog value:

Overprints on this type: (See as list)
Italian occupation of Austria 1918 issue=1918b ovpt=Venezia//Giulia oc=blk
Italian occupation of Austria 1918 issue=1918e ovpt=Venezia//Tridentina oc=blk
Italian occupation of Austria 1919 45c issue=1919 ovpt=(value)//centesmi//di corona oc=blk
7/23/1923 25c issue=provisional oc=blk
Eritrea 1903 45c issue=1903 ovpt=Colonia Eritrea oc=blk
Italian offices in Crete 1906 issue=1906 ovpt=LA CANEA oc=blk
Libya 1917 issue=1912 ovpt=Libia oc=blk

Public examples: Stan Shebs(#35729)

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ARC - Italy, page 80
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