Source: Colnect
Issued by: 2nd German occupation of Lithuania
Function: postage
Date: 6/1941
Denom: 60k
Overprint: VILNIUS
Ovpt color: black
On: No base stamp type set
On-desc: 60k of Russia
15 types matching description:
postage 1939 60k rosepink issue=1939 d=arms of USSR (1939) unwmk perf=12
postage 3/1939 60k red issue=womens flight d=Walentina Grisodubowa commander unwmk perf=12
postage 3/9/1939 60k issue=Shevchenko 125th d=Taras Shevchenko statue unwmk perf=12
postage 8/1/1939 60k issue=Agricultural Fair unwmk perf=12
postage 9/1939 60k issue=Saltykov death 50th d=old unwmk perf=12
postage 8/1940 60k scar issue=Tchaikovsky 100th d=Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky unwmk perf=12
postage 10/1940 60k multi issue=Agricultural Fair 1940 d=Pavilion of Mechanization & Stalin Monument unwmk perf=12
postage 11/1940 60k dkbl issue=Battle of Perekop 20th unwmk perf=12
postage 1/1941 60k brnol issue=production records d=Ball-bearing plant and cars unwmk perf=12
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