Stampdesc Cape of Good Hope, 3p-cl-wmk=crown & CA

desc_issuer: Cape of Good Hope
desc_denom: 3p
desc_color: cl
desc_wmk: crown & CA

Used by 1 overprinted stamp:
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) postage 5/22/1896 3p cl issue=1896c d=Hope seated var=no frame line ovpt=BRITISH//SOUTH AFRICA//COMPANY. oc=blk on=issuer=Cape of Good Hope-3p-cl-wmk=crown & CA wmk=crown & CA

Not used by any images.

Matches 1 type:
Cape of Good Hope postage 7/1882 3p cl issue=1882 d=Hope seated var=no frame line wmk=crown & CA