Stampdesc Russia, 3k-imperf

desc_issuer: Russia
desc_denom: 3k
desc_perf: imperf

Used by 1 overprinted stamp:
South Russia postage 1918 25k issue=a Rostov oc=blk on=issuer=Russia-3k-imperf imperf

Not used by any images.

Matches 9 types:
Russia postage 1917 3k car issue=1917b d=arms of Russia (1909 a) unwmk imperf paper=wove
Russia postage 1917 3k rosered issue=1917c unwmk imperf paper=cardboard
Russia postage 1923 3k redbrn issue=1923 litho imperf d=soldier unwmk imperf
Russia postage 1/28/1924 3k red&blk issue=Lenin memorial imperf d=Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924 unwmk imperf
Russia postage 12/20/1925 3k olgrn issue=revolution 1905 20th imperf d=The Strike of the Post & Telegraph employees in 1905 wmk=Greek border & rosettes imperf
Russia postage 12/28/1925 3k olgrn issue=Decembrists revolt 100th imperf d=Decembrists in Chita by A Moravov, 1911 wmk=Greek border & rosettes imperf
Russia postage 12/10/1930 3k red issue=revolution 1905 25th d=Potemkin unwmk imperf
Russia postage 1931 3k issue=1931 d=peasant unwmk imperf
Russia postage 7/31/1964 3k multi issue=Olympics 1964 d=equestrian (1964) unwmk imperf