Stampdesc Russia, 1917-5k-imperf

desc_issuer: Russia
desc_year: 1917
desc_denom: 5k
desc_perf: imperf

Related descs: issuer=Russia-1916-10k issuer=Russia-1918-35k

Used by 1 overprinted stamp:
Armenia postage 1920 5r cl issue=1920j d=arms of Russia (1909 a) ovpt=squiggle over squiggle oc=blk on=issuer=Russia-1917-5k-imperf unwmk imperf paper=wove

Not used by any images.

Matches 1 type:
Russia postage 1917 5k cl issue=1917b d=arms of Russia (1909 a) unwmk imperf paper=wove