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Stamps, 1902

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New Zealand


1902 1902a issue (no perf info)
- 1/2p grn Mt Cook, thin hard paper, w. unwmk
- 1p car Commerce, thin hard paper, w. unwmk
- 1p rosecar Commerce, thin hard paper, w. unwmk
- 6p rose kiwi, thin white wove paper, w. double line NZ & star

1902 1902b issue thin white wove paper wmk. NZ & star (close) (12 stamps)
X 1/2p grn Mt Cook
X 1p car Commerce
- 2 1/2d bl Lake Wakatipu
- 3p orgbrn huias
X 4p yelbrn & bl Lake Taupo
X 5p viobrn Otira Gorge & Ruapehu
X 6p rose kiwi
X 8p dkbl Maori canoe
X 9p redvio Pink Terrace 10.–100 1.00–10.
X 1sh orgred kea & kaka
- 2sh blgrn Milford Sound
X 5sh ver Mt Cook

postage due

1902, Feb 28 p. 11
- 1/2p grn & red

Cook Islands


1902 1902a issue unwmk (no perf info)
X 1/2p grn wrybill
- 1p rose Queen Makea Takau
- 2 1/2p dlbl Queen Makea Takau

1902 1902b issue wmk. NZ & star (close) p. 11 (9 stamps)
- 1/2p grn wrybill
- 1p rose Queen Makea Takau
- 1 1/2d vio Queen Makea Takau
- 2p choc wrybill
- 2 1/2p dlbl Queen Makea Takau
- 5p olgray Queen Makea Takau
- 6p pur wrybill
- 10p blgrn Queen Makea Takau
X 1sh carrose wrybill


1902 rights of man unwmk p. 14x13.5 (5 stamps)
X 10c rosered rights of man
X 15c palered rights of man
X 20c brnvio rights of man
X 25c bl rights of man
X 30c lil rights of man


1902, Apr 1 1902 issue (15 stamps)
X 2pf gray Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 3pf brn Germania
X 5pf grn Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 10pf car Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 20pf ultra Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 25pf org & blk, yel Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 30pf org & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 40pf lake & blk Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 50pf pur & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 80pf lake & blk, rose Germania
X 1m carrose post office
- 2m graybl union of North and South
X 2m graybl union of North and South 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 3m blkvio unveiling
X 5m sl & car Wilhelm II speaking


1901, Jan 1 1901 issue p. 14
X 15c lil King Alfonso XIII
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