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Stamps, 1960

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1960, Mar 8 International Women's Day 1960 issue unwmk p. 10.75
X 2.50l Woman with raised arm
X 11l Woman with raised arm

1960, Mar 25 Louchnia congress 40th issue
X 2.50l sep Congress building
X 7.50l dkbl Congress building

1960, Apr 20 Moissi 80th issue
X 3l Alexander Moissi
X 11l Alexander Moissi

1960, Apr 22 Lenin 90th issue
X 4l Vladimir Lenin
X 11l Vladimir Lenin

1960, May Albanian authors association 80th issue
X 1l dkol Pashko Vasa
X 1.50l brn Jani Vreto
X 6.50l ltbl Sami Frasheri
X 11l ltrd Page of Statutes of Association

1960, May 12 Frontier Guard 15th issue
- 1.50l car Soldier on Guard Duty
- 11l grnbl Soldier on Guard Duty

1960, May 14 People's Police 15th issue
- 1.50l dkgrn ‭Liberation monument Tirana family & policeman
- 8.50l dkbrn ‭Liberation monument Tirana family & policeman

1960, May 30 Elbassan elementary school 50th issue
- 5l Elbassan elementary school
- 6.50l Elbassan elementary school

1960, Aug 2 victory over Italians 40th issue
- 1.50l olbrn ‭Albanian fighter & cannon
- 2.50l brnvio ‭Albanian fighter & cannon
- 5l prusbl ‭Albanian fighter & cannon

1960, Aug 18 jet service 2nd issue
X 1l purbrn plane Tirana clock tower Kremlin
X 7.50l grnbl plane Tirana clock tower Kremlin
X 11.50l gray plane Tirana clock tower Kremlin

1960, Nov 11 World Federation of Democratic Youth 15th issue
X 1.50l ultra Federation Emblem
X 8.50l brnred Federation Emblem

1960, Dec 5 Kelmendi 60th issue
X 1.50l Ali Kelmendi
X 11l Ali Kelmendi


1960, Jan 15 provincial capitals 1960 issue (22 stamps)
X 5k grayblk Manisa, p. 11.75
X 5k mar Maras, p. 11.75
X 5k ltredbrn Mardin, p. 11.75
X 5k blgrn Mersin, p. 11.75
X 5k dkgrn Mugla, p. 11.75
X 5k sep Mus, p. 11.75
X 5k dkgrn Nevsehir, p. 11.75
X 5k brnpur Nigde, p. 11.75
X 5k dkbl Ordu, p. 11.75
X 5k pur Samsun, p. 11.75
X 5k dkbrn Siirt, p. 11.75
X 5k blblk Sinop
X 5k dkolgrn Sivas, p. 11.75
X 5k grnbl Tekirdag, p. 11.75
X 5k carred Tokat, p. 11.75
- 5k dkblvio Trabzon, p. 11.75
X 5k redorg Tunceli, p. 11.75
X 5k Urfa, p. 11.75
X 5k blkol Usak, p. 11.75
X 5k Van (Turkey), p. 11.75
X 5k carred Yozgat, p. 11.75
X 5k grnbl Zonguldak, p. 11.75
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