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1913 1913f issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 1pi blk Rose paper
- 2pi blk Rose paper

1913, Jun 1913a issue ovpted on stamp of Turkey
- 2 1/2pi viobrn ovpt, tughra

1913, Jul 1913h issue
- 1gr blk

1913, Nov 1913j issue eagle handstamped p. 11.5 (5 stamps)
- 10pa grn & blk eagle handstamped
- 20pa red & blk eagle handstamped
- 30pa vio & blk eagle handstamped
X 1gr ultra & blk eagle handstamped
X 2gr blk & blk eagle handstamped

1913, Dec Skanderbeg issue Skanderbeg (6 stamps)
- 2q orgbrn & buff Skanderbeg
- 5q grn & blgrn Skanderbeg
- 10q rosered Skanderbeg, p. 14.5x14
- 25q dkbl Skanderbeg, p. 14.5x14
- 50q vio & red Skanderbeg, p. 14.5x14
- 1fr brn Skanderbeg, p. 14.5x14

1914 (no perf info)
- 10pa Korce double eagle
- 25pa Korce double eagle

1917 1917a issue double eagle p. 11.5 (8 stamps)
- 1c dkbrn & grn double eagle
X 2c redbrn & grn double eagle
- 3c graygrn & grn double eagle
- 5c blgrn & blk double eagle
- 10c car & blk double eagle
- 25c bl & blk double eagle
- 50c vio & blk double eagle
- 1fr brn & blk double eagle

1917 1917b issue double eagle republika (7 stamps)
- 1c dkbrn & grn double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 2c redbrn & grn double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 3c blk & grn double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 5c grn & blk double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 10c car & blk double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 50c vio & blk double eagle republika, p. 11.5
- 1fr brn & blk double eagle republika

1918 p. 11.5
- 25c bl & blk double eagle

1918 ovpted
- 25c on 5c grn & blk double eagle republika

1919 1919a issue (7 stamps)
- 2q p. 12.5
- 5q
- 10q p. 12.5
- 25q
- 25q
- 50q p. 12.5
- 1fr

1919 1919d issue (no wmk info)
- 1gr ultra ++on=25q

1919 1919e comet right issue (7 stamps)
- 2q brn ++on=2h
- 5q grn ++on=16h
- 10q rose ++on=8h
- 25q bl ++on=64h-Small eagle
- 25q bl ++on=64h-Large eagle
- 50q vio ++on=32h
- 1fr yel & bl ++on=1.28fr

1919 1919f bottom lines at angle issue (9 stamps)
- 10q rose ++on=8h-Small eagle
- 10q rose ++on=8h-Large eagle
- 15q rose ++on=8h-Small eagle
- 15q rose ++on=8h-Large eagle
- 20q grn ++on=16h
- 25q vio ++on=62h
- 50q bl ++on=64h
- 1fr org ++on=96h
- 2fr vio ++on=1.60k

1920 1920a issue ovpted (5 stamps)
- 1q gray ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 10q rose ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 20q brn ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
- 50q brnvio ovpt, Prince zu Wied

1920 1920b issue ovpted
- 2q on 10q rose Prince zu Wied
- 5q on 10q rose Prince zu Wied
X 25q on 10q rose Prince zu Wied
- 50q on 10q rose Prince zu Wied

1920 1920c issue ovpted Arms of Albania (6 stamps)
- 2q org ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 5q grn ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 10q red ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 25q ltbl ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 50q graygrn ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 1fr cl ovpt, Arms of Albania

1921 ovpted Arms of Albania (6 stamps)
- 2q org ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 5q grn ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 10q red ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 25q ltbl ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 50q graygrn ovpt, Arms of Albania
X 1fr cl ovpt, Arms of Albania

1922 ovpted
- 1q on 2q org Arms of Albania
- 5q grn ovpt, Arms of Albania
- 10q red ovpt, Arms of Albania

1923 1923 issue - towns (1923) unwmk (7 stamps)
- 2q org Gjinokaster
X 5q grn Kanina
- 10q red Berati
X 25q dkbl Vezirit
- 50q prusgrn Rozafat, p. 12.5
X 1fr dkvio Korcha, p. 11.5
X 2fr brnzgrn Dursit

1924 ovptedtowns (1923)
X 1q on 2q org Gjinokaster

1924 return issue ovpted - towns (1923) (7 stamps)
- 1q org ovpt, Gjinokaster
- 2q org ovpt, Gjinokaster
- 5q grn ovpt, Kanina
- 10q red ovpt, Berati
- 25q dkbl ovpt, Vezirit
- 50q prusgrn ovpt, Rozafat, p. 12.5
- 1fr dkvio ovpt, Korcha, p. 11.5

1928 ovpted (no perf info)
- 1q on 10q red Ahmed Zogu
- 5q on 25q dkbl Ahmed Zogu

1928, Aug ovpted King Zog I (no wmk info) (8 stamps)
- 1q orgbrn ovpt, King Zog I
- 2q sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 5q blgrn ovpt, King Zog I
- 10q rosered ovpt, King Zog I
- 15q bis ovpt, King Zog I
- 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
- 50q lilrose ovpt, King Zog I
- 1fr bl & sl ovpt, King Zog I

1928, Oct ovpted King Zog I (11 stamps)
X 1q orgbrn ovpt, King Zog I
X 2q sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 5q blgrn ovpt, King Zog I
X 10q rosered ovpt, King Zog I
- 15q bis ovpt, King Zog I
X 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
X 50q lilrose ovpt, King Zog I
- 1fr bl & sl ovpt, King Zog I
X 2fr grn & sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 3fr dkred & olbis ovpt, King Zog I
- 5fr dlvio & gray ovpt, King Zog I

1929 ovpted unwmk
- 1q on 50q slgrn Ahmed Zogu
- 5q on 25q dkbl Ahmed Zogu
- 15q on 10q red Ahmed Zogu

1939, Aug 1939b issue (10 stamps)
X 1q blgray (1940)
X 2q olgrn (1940)
X 3q brn (1940)
X 5q grn Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
X 10q brn Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
X 15q crim Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 25q saph Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 30q brtvio Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 50q (1940)
- 65q p. 14x14.25

1942 ovpted (no perf info)
X 1q on 2q olgrn

1942 conquest 3rd issue Victor Emmanuel III p. 14x14.25 (7 stamps)
- 5q dkgrn Victor Emmanuel III
- 10q dkbrn Victor Emmanuel III
- 15q carred Victor Emmanuel III
- 25q dkultra Victor Emmanuel III
- 65q dkredbrn Victor Emmanuel III
- 1fr dkgrn Victor Emmanuel III
- 2fr dkvio Victor Emmanuel III

1943 independence again issue ovpted (13 stamps)
- 1q on 3q brn
- 2q olgrn ovpt
- 3q brn ovpt
- 5q grn ovpt, Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 10q brn ovpt, Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 15q crim ovpt, Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 25q saph ovpt, Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 30q brtvio ovpt, Victor Emmanuel III, p. 14x14.25
- 50q on 65q p. 14x14.25
- 65q ovpt, p. 14x14.25
- 1fr ovpt
- 2fr ovpt
- 3fr ovpt

1946 1946a issue ovpted - scenic (1945 Albania) p. 11.5 (6 stamps)
- 20q blgrn ovpt, ‭Country House Labinot
- 30q org ovpt, ‭Country House Labinot
- 40q brn ovpt, Gorica Bridge Berat
- 60q redvio ovpt, Gorica Bridge Berat
- 1fr rosered ovpt, Permet
- 3fr dkbl ovpt, Permet

1946 1946b issue ovpted - scenic (1945 Albania) (6 stamps)
- 20q blgrn ovpt, ‭Country House Labinot
- 30q org ovpt, ‭Country House Labinot
- 40q brn ovpt, Gorica Bridge Berat
- 60q redvio ovpt, Gorica Bridge Berat
- 1fr rosered ovpt, Permet
- 3fr dkbl ovpt, Permet

1960, May Albanian authors association 80th issue p. 10.75
X 1l dkol Pashko Vasa
X 1.50l brn Jani Vreto
X 6.50l ltbl Sami Frasheri
X 11l ltrd Page of Statutes of Association

1962, Sep Albanian costumes (8 stamps)
X 0.5L crimlake & turqbl Dardhe, p. 14
- 0.5L Dardhe
X 1l Devoll, p. 14
- 1l Devoll, imperf
- 2.5L woman of Lunxheri, p. 14
- 2.5L woman of Lunxheri, imperf
- 14L orgbrn Gjirokaster, p. 14
- 14L Gjirokaster, imperf

1965, Mar Animals 1965 issue - water buffaloes water buffalo (5 stamps)
- 1l multi water buffalo, p. 12x11.5
X 2l multi water buffalo, p. 12
X 3l multi water buffalo, p. 12x11.5
- 7l multi water buffalo
- 12l multi water buffalo

1965, Mar Beautiful Albania issue (6 stamps)
X 1.5L multi Ali Pasha Fortress in Himara
X 2.5L multi Snake Cave in Valbona
X 3l multi Valley Teth, p. 12.5x12
X 4l multi White Water Gorge near Theth
X 5l multi Dry Cave of Valbona
- 9L multi Flowers Lake at Lura

1965, Oct buildings (1965) (10 stamps)
- 5q ltgrnbl & blk Hotel Turizmi Fier
- 10q multi Hotel Peshkopi, p. 12x12.5
- 15q multi Sanatorium Tirana
- 25q multi Rest Home Pogradec, p. 12.25x12.5
- 65q multi Partisan Sports Arena Tirana
- 80q multi Rest Home Mali Dajt
- 1,10L multi Culture House Tirana
- 1,60L multi Hotel Adriatik Durres
- 2l multi Migjeni Theater Shkoder, p. 12x12.5
- 3l multi Alexander Moissi House of Culture Durres, p. 12x12.5

1966 International Decade of Water Management issue p. 12x12.25
- 0.2L multi Water Cycle
- 0.3L multi Level Meter & Dam Construction
- 0.7L multi Turbine & Electric Pole
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