Stamps, birds & flowers (1971) design type

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1971, Aug 6 1971 issue - birds & flowers (1971) wmk. mult crown & script CA p. 14 (16 stamps)
X 1c multi Cirrhopetalum umbellatum
X 2c multi Myzomela cardinalis
X 3c multi Calanthe furcata
X 4c multi Bulbophyllum
X 5c multi Grey-backed white-eye
X 6c multi Phaius tancarviliae
X 8c multi Blue-crested broadbills
X 10c multi Acanthephippium vitiense
X 15c multi Dendrobium tokai
X 20c multi Slaty flycatcher
X 25c multi Kandavu honey eaters
X 30c multi Dendrobium gordonii
X 40c multi Yellow-brested musk parrots
X 50c multi White-throated pigeon
X $1 multi Collared lories
X $2 multi Dendrobium platygastrium

1975, Apr 9 1975 issue - birds & flowers (1971) (no perf info) (15 stamps)
X 1c multi Cirrhopetalum umbellatum, w. crown & CA spiral
X 2c multi Myzomela cardinalis, w. crown & CA spiral
X 3c multi Calanthe furcata, w. crown & CA spiral
X 4c multi Bulbophyllum sp., w. crown & CA spiral
X 5c multi Zosterops lateralis, w. crown & CA spiral
X 6c multi Phaius tancarvilliae, w. crown & CA spiral
X 8c multi Myiagra azureocapilla, w. crown & CA spiral
X 10c multi Acanthephippium vitiense, w. crown & CA spiral
X 15c multi Dendrobium tokai, w. crown & CA spiral
X 20c multi Mayrornis lessoni, w. mult crown & script CA (1977)
X 30c multi Dendrobium gordonii, w. crown & CA spiral
X 40c multi Prosopeia personata, w. crown & CA spiral
X 50c multi Columba vitiensis, w. crown & CA spiral
X $1 multi Phigys solitarius, w. crown & CA spiral
X $2 multi Dendrobium platygastrium, w. crown & CA spiral

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