Stamps, MAGYAR KIR. POSTA inscription

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1942, Oct 15 1942 Horthy issue photo print wmk. cross&wreath&crown p. 12x12¼
X 20f blk Stephen Horthy and planes

1943, Jan 1 1943 regulars issue - value tab in centre photo print p. 15 (18 stamps)
X 1f grnblk Arpad
X 2f redorg Ladislaus I
X 3f ultra Miklós Toldi
X 4f brown János Hunyadi
X 5f ver Paul Kiniszi
X 6f slate blue Miklós Zrinyi
X 8f dkolgrn Francis II Rákóczy
X 10f brown Andrew Hadik
X 12f dpblgrn Arthur Görgei
X 18f dkgray Virgin Mary
X 20f chntbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 24f rose violet Virgin Mary
X 30f brtcar St. Stephen's crown
X 50f blue St. Stephen's crown
X 80f yelbrn St. Stephen's crown
X 1p grn St. Stephen's crown
X 2p brn St. Stephen's crown (1944)
X 5p dkredvio St. Stephen's crown (1944)

1944, Jan 19 1944 St. Margaret issue - value tab at right photo print
X 30f dpcar St. Margaret note


1942, Oct 15 1942 Horthy issue photo print p. 12½x12
- 30f+20f dprosevio Stephen Horthy and planes (1943)

1943, Mar 15 1943 wounded soldiers issue photo print p. 12¼x12 (9 stamps)
- 1f+1f dkgray mounted archer
- 3f+1f dullvio soldier with battle axe
- 4f+1f lake soldier with battle axe
- 8f+2f green warrior with shield and sword
- 12f+2f bisbrn lancer
- 20f+2f dpclaret musketeer
- 40f+4f grayvio hussar
- 50f+6f orgbrn artilleryman
- 70f+8f slate blue Magyar arms

1943, Jul 17 1943 Horthy aviation fund issue photo print p. 12½x12
- 8f+8f green model glider
- 12f+12f greenish blue gliders (1943)
- 20f+20f chestnut eagle and planes
- 30f+30f rosecar fighter and gliders

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