Stamps, POSTE VATICANE inscription

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Vatican City


1929, Aug 1 1929 issue unwmk p. 14 (23 stamps)
X 5c dkbrn & pnk papal arms
X 10c dkgrn & ltgrn papal arms
X 20c vio & lil papal arms
X 25c dkbl & ltbl papal arms
X 25c on 30c blk & yel papal arms (1931)
X 30c blk & yel papal arms
X 40c on 30c blk & yel papal arms (1931)
X 40c on 80c carrose Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 50c ind & salbuff papal arms
X 60c on 2l olbrn Pope Pius XI (1931)
X 75c carlake & gray papal arms
X 80c carrose Pope Pius XI
X 1.10l on 2.50l redorg Pope Pius XI (1931)
X 1.25l dpbl Pope Pius XI
X 1.30l on 1.25l dpbl Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 2l olbrn Pope Pius XI
X 2.50l redorg Pope Pius XI
X 2.55l on 2.50l redorg Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 3.05l on 2l olbrn Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 3.05l on 5l dkgrn Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 3.70l on 10l olblk Pope Pius XI (1934)
X 5l dkgrn Pope Pius XI
X 10l olblk Pope Pius XI

1933, May 31 1933 issue wmk. keys crossed (no perf info) (16 stamps)
X 5c copred arms of Pius XI
X 10c dkbrn & blk Vatican palace
X 12 1/2c dkgrn & blk Vatican palace
X 20c brnorg & blk Vatican palace
X 25c olblk & blk Vatican palace
X 30c Vatican gardens
X 50c Vatican gardens
X 75c Vatican gardens
X 80c Vatican gardens
X 1l Pope Pius XI
X 1.25l Pope Pius XI
X 2l Pope Pius XI
X 2.75l Pope Pius XI
X 5l sep & grn St Peter's Basilica
X 10l St Peter's Basilica
X 20l St Peter's Basilica

1935, Feb 1 Judicial Congress (no wmk info) (6 stamps)
X 5c redorg Judicial Congress
X 10c pur Judicial Congress
X 25c grn Judicial Congress
X 75c red Judicial Congress
X 80c dkbrn Judicial Congress
X 1.25l dkbl Judicial Congress

1936, Jun 22 Catholic Press Conference issue (8 stamps)
X 5c blgrn doves&bell
X 10c allegory
X 25c St. John Bosco
X 50c rosevio doves&bell
X 75c allegory
X 80c St. John Bosco
X 1.25l de Sales
X 5l de Sales

1938, Oct 12 Archaeological Conference issue (6 stamps)
X 5c bisbrn crypt
X 10c dporg crypt
X 25c dpgrn crypt
X 75c basilica
X 80c basilica
X 1.25l basilica

1939, Feb 20 interregnum 1939 issue ovpted papal arms engr print unwmk p. 14 (7 stamps)
X 5c dkbrn & pnk ovpt, papal arms
X 10c dkgrn & ltgrn ovpt, papal arms
X 20c vio & lil ovpt, papal arms
X 25c dkbl & ltbl ovpt, papal arms
X 30c blk & yel ovpt, papal arms
X 50c ind & salbuff ovpt, papal arms
X 75c carlake & gray ovpt, papal arms

1939, Jun 2 Pius XII coronation issue (no wmk info) (no perf info)
X 25c grn
X 75c rosered
X 80c brtvio
X 1.25l dpbl

1940, Mar 12 1940 issue wmk. keys crossed (5 stamps)
X 5c dkcar arms
X 1l Pius XII facing right
X 1.25l Pius XII facing left
X 2l Pius XII facing right
X 2.75l Pius XII facing left

1942, Sep 1 (no wmk info)
X 25c dkblgrn POW MCMXLII
X 80c orgbrn POW MCMXLII
X 1.25l dpbl POW MCMXLII

1943, Jan 18 Pacelli archbishop 25th issue
X 25c Consecration of Eugenio Pacelli
X 80c Consecration of Eugenio Pacelli
X 1.25l Consecration of Eugenio Pacelli
X 5l Consecration of Eugenio Pacelli

1944, Feb 14
X 25c dkblgrn POW MCMXLIII
X 80c orgbrn POW MCMXLIII
X 1.25l dpbl POW MCMXLIII

1944, Nov 20 Academy of Virtuosi 400th issue wmk. keys crossed
X 25c Raphael Sanzio
X 80c Anthony da Sangallo the Younger
X 1.25l Charles Maratti
X 10l Anthony Canova

1945, Mar 5 1945 issue unwmk (8 stamps)
X 5c sl
X 30c dkbrn
X 50c dpgrn
X 1l
X 1.50l
X 2.50l
X 5l
X 20l

1945, Sep 12 wmk. winged wheel

1946, Jan 9 1946 provisional issue ovpted unwmk (8 stamps)
X 20c on 5c sl
X 25c on 30c dkbrn
X 1l on 50c dpgrn
X 1.50l on 1l
X 3l on 1.50l
X 5l on 2.50l
X 10l on 5l
X 30l on 20l

1946, Feb 20 Council of Trent 400th issue (12 stamps)
X 5c Cathedral of St Vigilio Trent
X 25c Saint Angela Merici
X 50c St Anthony MZaccaria
X 75c St Ignatius of Loyola
X 1l SGaetano of Thiene
X 1.50l St John Fisher
X 2l Cardinal CMadrussi
X 2.50l Cardinal RPole
X 3l Cardinal MCervini
X 4l Cardinal GM del Monte
X 5l Charles V
X 10l Pope Paul III

1949, Mar 7 basilicas wmk. keys crossed (10 stamps)
X 1l dkbrn
X 3l vio
X 5l brnred
X 8l grn
X 13l grn
X 16l olgray
X 25l red
X 35l redpur
X 40l bl
X 100l blk

1949, Dec 21 Holy Year issue wmk. winged wheel (8 stamps)
X 5l brn & graybrn Delivery of the Keys to St Peter
X 6l blk & brn Jubilee basilicas
X 8l bl & grn Boniface VIII announces the first Holy Year
X 10l grn & bl Pius XII opened the Holy Door
X 20l grn & redbrn Delivery of the Keys to St Peter
X 25l dkbrn & bl Jubilee basilicas
X 30l grn & vio Boniface VIII announces the first Holy Year
- 60l dkbrn & red Pius XII opened the Holy Door

1950, Sep 12 Palatine Guard 100th issue
- 25l graybrn Parade of the Palatine Guard
X 35l grn Parade of the Palatine Guard
- 55l redbrn Parade of the Palatine Guard

1951, May 8 Mary dogma issue unwmk
X 25l brn
- 55l bl

1951, Jun 3 Pius X beatification issue wmk. keys crossed
X 6l
X 10l
X 60l
- 115l

1951, Oct 31 Council of Chalcedon 1500th issue (5 stamps)
- 5l
- 25l
X 35l
- 60l
- 100l

1952, Mar 15 ovptedbasilicas
- 12l on 13l grn

1952, Jun 9 stamp 100th issue
X 50l
- sheet of 4

1953, Feb 12 St Maria Goretti martyrdom 50th issue
X 15l
X 35l

1953, Apr 23 popes & views (11 stamps)
X 3l
X 5l
X 10l
X 12l
X 20l
X 25l
X 35l
X 45l
X 60l
X 65l
X 100l

1953, Aug 23 St. Clare of Assisi death 700th issue (no wmk info)
X 25l
X 35l

1953, Nov 10
X 20l St Bernard death 800th
X 60l St Bernard death 800th

1953, Dec 29 Bishop Lombards opinions 800th issue
- 100l

1954, Feb 12 Lateran Pacts 25th issue
- 25l
X 60l

1954, May 26 Marian year issue (6 stamps)
X 3l
X 4l
X 6l
X 12l
X 20l
- 35l

1954, May 29 Pius X canonization issue
- 10l
- 25l
- 35l

1954, Oct 1 Basilica of St Francis 200th issue
X 20l Basilica of St Francis of Assisi
- 35l Basilica of St Francis of Assisi

1954, Nov 13 St Augustine 1600th issue
- 35l Book & portrait of St Augustine
- 50l Book & portrait of St Augustine

1954, Dec 7 end of Marian year issue
X 20l Our Lady of Ostra Brama
X 35l Our Lady of Ostra Brama
- 60l Our Lady of Ostra Brama

1955, Apr 28 St Boniface death 1200th issue
X 10l
X 35l
X 60l

1955, Jun 27 Fra Angelico death 500th issue
- 50l
X 100l

1955, Nov 28 Pope Nicholas V death 500th issue
X 20l
X 35l
X 60l

1955, Dec 29 St Bartholomew death 900th issue
- 10l
- 25l
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