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Stamps of Iran, 1926

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1926 1926a issue ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 1c org ovpt, Shah Ahmed
- 2c mag ovpt, Shah Ahmed
- 3c orgbrn ovpt, Shah Ahmed
- 6c blkbrn ovpt, Shah Ahmed

1926 1926b issue ovpted arms of Persia (16 stamps)
- 1c org & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
X 2c vio & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
- 3c yelgrn & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
- 6c red & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
X 9c gray & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
X 10c redvio & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
X 13c dkbl & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
X 1k sil & vio & bisbrn ovpt, arms of Persia
- 26c dkgrn & mar ovpt, arms of Persia
- 2k sil & dkgrn & bisbrn ovpt, arms of Persia
- 3k sil & gray & bisbrn ovpt, arms of Persia
- 4k gold & brn & bisbrn ovpt, arms of Persia
- 5k ovpt, arms of Persia
- 10k ovpt, arms of Persia
- 20k ovpt, arms of Persia
- 30k ovpt, arms of Persia

1926 1926c issue Reza Shah Pahlavi (8 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 2c grayvio Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 3c emer Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 6c mag Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 9c rose Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 10c bisbrn Reza Shah Pahlavi
X 12c dporg Reza Shah Pahlavi
- 15c paleultra Reza Shah Pahlavi

1 to 28 of 28