Stamps of Iran, missing watermark

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1868 (no wmk info) imperf
- 1s dlvio lion
- 2s grn lion
- 4s grnbl lion
- 8s red lion

1875 p. roul
- 1s blk Lion and Sun
- 2s bl Lion and Sun
X 4s ver Lion and Sun
- 8s yelgrn Lion and Sun

1876 Lion and Sun imperf (6 stamps)
X 1s grayblk, gray Lion and Sun
- 2s blk, gray Lion and Sun
- 2s graybl, gray Lion and Sun
- 4s ver, gray Lion and Sun
- 1k rose, gray Lion and Sun
- 4k yel, gray Lion and Sun

1876 1876b issue p. 10.5-13
X 1s lil & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
- 2s grn & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5s rose & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
- 10s bl & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1878 Lion and Sun imperf (8 stamps)
- 1k carrose Lion and Sun
- 1k red, yel Lion and Sun
- 4k ultra Lion and Sun
- 5k gold Lion and Sun
- 5k redbrnz Lion and Sun
- 5k vio Lion and Sun
- 5k viobrnz Lion and Sun
- 1t brnz, bl Lion and Sun

1879, Feb (no perf info)
X 1k brn & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5k bl & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1880 p. 12
- 1s red & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
- 2s yel & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5s grn & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
- 10s vio & blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1881, Jun litho print (no perf info)
X 5c vio Sun
- 10c rose Sun
- 25c grn Sun

1882, Jan 1882 issue (11 stamps)
X 5c blvio & vio Sun, p. 12 or 13
- 5s grn Sun, v. 2 dots
X 5s grn Sun, v. 3 dots, p. VARIOUS 10.–100 1.00–10.
X 10c dppink & dlcar Sun
X 10s buff & org & blk shah
X 25c dpgrn & grn Sun
- 50c buff & org & blk shah
- 50c gray & blk shah, p. 12 or 13 (1884)
X 1fr bl & blk shah
X 5fr rosered & blk shah
X 10fr buff & red & blk shah

1885 ovpted
X 6c on 5s grn Sun, v. 2 dots
- 6c on 5s grn Sun, v. 3 dots, p. VARIOUS

1885 ovpted (no perf info)
- 1t on 5fr rosered & blk shah

1885, Mar 1885 issue (6 stamps)
X 1c grn lion 1885
X 2c rose lion 1885
X 5c dlbl lion 1885
X 10c brn Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 1k sl Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5k dlvio Shah Nasr-ed-Din (1886)

1886 ovpted
- 12c on 50c gray & blk shah, p. 12 or 13
- 18c on 10s buff & org & blk shah

1887 ovpted
- 6c on 10s buff & org & blk shah 10.–100 1.00–10.

1887, Nov ovpted
X 3c on 5s grn Sun, v. 2 dots 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 3c on 5s grn Sun, v. 3 dots, p. VARIOUS 10.–100 10.–100

1887, Nov ovpted p. 12 or 13
- 8c on 50c gray & blk shah 10.–100 10.–100

1889, Nov 1889 issue (8 stamps)
X 1c pink lion
X 2c palebl lion
X 5c lil lion
X 7c brn lion, p. 11 or 13.5
X 10c blk Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 1k redorg Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 2k rose Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5k grn Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1891 1891 issue (9 stamps)
X 1c blk lion
X 2c brn lion
X 5c dpbl lion
X 7c gray lion
X 10c rose lion
X 14c org lion
X 1k grn Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 2k org Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5k yel Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1894 1894 issue (11 stamps)
X 1c lil lion 1894
X 2c blgrn lion 1894
X 5c ultra lion 1894
X 8c brn lion 1894
X 10c org Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 16c rose Shah Nasr-ed-Din, p. 12.5 and 11.5x11
X 1k red & yel Shah Nasr-ed-Din, p. 11.5x11
X 2k brnorg & palebl Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 5k vio & sil Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 10k red & gold Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 50k grn & gold Shah Nasr-ed-Din, p. 12.5 and 11.5x11

1897 ovpted (no perf info)
X 5c on 8c brn lion 1894

1897 ovpted
X 1k on 5k vio & sil Shah Nasr-ed-Din
X 2k on 5k vio & sil Shah Nasr-ed-Din

1898 1898 issue p. 12.5 (16 stamps)
X 1c gray lion
X 2c brn lion
X 3c dlvio lion
X 4c ver lion
X 5c yel lion
X 8c org lion
X 10c ltbl lion
X 12c rose lion
X 16c grn lion
X 1k ultra Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 2k pink Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 3k yel Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 4k gray Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 5k emer Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 10k org Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 50k brtvio Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din

1899, Feb 1899a issue ovpted (16 stamps)
X 1c gray ovpt, lion
X 2c brn ovpt, lion
X 3c dlvio ovpt, lion
X 4c ver ovpt, lion
X 5c yel ovpt, lion
X 8c org ovpt, lion
X 10c ltbl ovpt, lion
X 12c rose ovpt, lion
- 16c grn ovpt, lion
X 1k ultra ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 2k pink ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 3k yel ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 4k gray ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 5k emer ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
- 10k org ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 50k brtvio ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din

1899, Sep 1899b issue (16 stamps)
X 1c gray, grn lion
X 2c brn, grn lion
X 3c dlvio, grn lion
X 4c ver, grn lion
X 5c yel, grn lion
X 8c org, grn lion
X 10c ltbl, grn lion
- 12c lake, grn lion
X 16c grn, grn lion
X 1k red Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 2k dpgrn Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 3k lilbrn Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 4k orgred Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 5k graybrn Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 10k dpbl Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din
X 50k brn Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din

1900 ovpted (no perf info)
X 5c on 8c brn lion 1894 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1900 ovpted p. 12.5
- 12c on 1k red Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din 10.–100 1.00–10.

1900 ovpted (no perf info)
- 5k brn on 50k-brn-unissued (0) 10.–100 10.–100

1900 1900 issue ovpted lion p. 12.5 (7 stamps)
- 1c gray ovpt, lion
- 2c brn ovpt, lion
- 3c dlvio ovpt, lion
- 4c ver ovpt, lion
- 5c yel ovpt, lion
- 10c ltbl ovpt, lion 10.–100 10.–100
- 12c rose ovpt, lion

1902 1902a issue ovpted (16 stamps)
X 1c gray on 1899-1c-gray (2)
X 2c brn on 1899-2c-brn (2)
X 3c dlvio on 1899-3c-dlvio (2)
X 4c ver on 1899-4c-ver (2)
X 5c yel on 1899-5c-yel (2)
X 8c org on 1899-8c-org (2)
X 10c ltbl on 1899-10c-ltbl (2)
X 12c lake, grn ovpt, lion, p. 12.5
X 16c grn on 1899-16c-grn (2)
X 1k red ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 2k dpgrn ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 3k lilbrn ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 4k orgred ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 5k graybrn ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 10k dpbl ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5
X 50k brn ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5

1902 1902b issue ovpted
- 5c brn ovpt, lion 1894
X 12c red ovpt, Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din, p. 12.5 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 5k brn on 50k-brn-unissued (0)

1902 1902c issue ovpted p. 12.5
- 5c on 10c ltbl, grn lion
- 5c on 1k red Shah Muzaffar-ed-Din

1902 1902d issue initials (7 stamps)
- 1c blk initials, imperf
- 2c blk initials
- 3c blk initials
- 5c blk initials
- 5c vio initials, imperf
- 12c dlbl initials
- 1k rose initials, imperf

1902 1902e issue ovpted (no perf info) (5 stamps)
X 1c gray & buff on 1c-gray&buff-unissued (0)
X 2c on 2c-unissued (0)
X 3c on 3c-unissued (0)
X 5c on 5c-unissued (0)
X 12c on 12c-unissued (0)

1902 1902f issue ovpted (10 stamps)
- 5k on 1c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 2c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 3c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 5c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 10c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 12c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 1k-unissued (0)
- 5k on 2k-unissued (0)
- 5k on 10k-unissued (0)
- 5k on 50k-unissued (0)

1902 1902g issue ovpted (7 stamps)
X 5k on 1c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 2c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 3c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 5c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 10c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 12c-unissued (0)
- 5k on 50k-unissued (0)
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