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Stamps of Bolivia, 1957

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1957, Feb 14 1957 surcharges issue ovpted unwmk (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 50b on 3b bl & blk La Gasca ordering Mendoza to found La Paz
X 100b on 2b org & blk communications building
X 200b on 1b vio & blk Legislative Palace
X 300b on 1.40b blvio & blk communications building
X 350b on 20c grn & blk Gate of the Sun & llama
X 400b on 40c yelbrn & blk Avenue Camacho
X 600b on 30c org & blk Church of San Francisco La Paz
X 800b on 50c red & blk Consistorial Palace
- 1000b on 10b dkbrn & blk Arms portrait of Mendoza
X 2000b on 5b red & blk Captain Alonso de Mendoza founding La Paz

1957, May 15 CEPAL building (5 stamps)
X 150b CEPAL building
X 350b CEPAL building
X 550b CEPAL building
X 750b CEPAL building
X 900b CEPAL building

1957, Dec 15 railroad opening issue
X 50b
X 350b
- 1000b


1957, Feb 14 1957 surcharges issue (10 stamps)
- 100b multi arms
- 200b multi communications building
- 500b multi La Gasca ordering Mendoza to found La Paz
- 600b multi Legislative Palace
- 700b multi Gate of the Sun & llama
- 800b multi Avenue Camacho
- 900b multi Church of San Francisco La Paz
- 1800b multi La Paz
- 3000b multi La Paz
- 5000b multi La Paz

1957, May 22 7th session of CEPAL issue globe with South America (5 stamps)
- 700b dplil globe with South America
- 1200b palebrn globe with South America
- 1350b rose globe with South America
- 2700b globe with South America
- 4000b brtviobl globe with South America

1957, Dec 15 railroad opening issue
- 600b Presidents Siles Zuazo & Aramburu
- 700b Presidents Siles Zuazo & Aramburu
- 900b Presidents Siles Zuazo & Aramburu

1 to 36 of 36