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Stamps of Brazil, 1941

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1940 1940 issue wmk. CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm) (no perf info)
X 50r blgrn aviation

1941 1941a issue (18 stamps)
X 10r yelbrn petroleum, p. 11
X 20r olgrn petroleum, p. 11
X 50r olbrn petroleum, p. 11
X 100r blgrn petroleum, p. 11
X 200r redbrn agriculture, p. 11
X 300r agriculture
X 400r grnbl agriculture, p. 11
X 500r red agriculture
X 600r vio steel industry, p. 11
X 700r steel industry, p. 11
X 1000r steel industry, p. 11
X 1200r steel industry, p. 11
X 2000r gray Commerce
X 5000r bl Floriano Peixoto
X 10000r steel industry, p. 11
X 20000r steel industry, p. 11
X 50000r red Armed Forces, p. 11
X 100000r bl Vargas, w. CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm), p. 11

1941 1941b issue wmk. CASA+...6mm (16 stamps)
X 20r steel industry
- 50r steel industry
X 100r steel industry
X 200r agriculture
X 300r agriculture
X 400r agriculture
X 500r agriculture
X 600r steel industry
- 700r steel industry
X 1000r steel industry
X 1200r steel industry
- 2000r grayvio Commerce
X 5000r bl Floriano Peixoto, p. 11
X 10000r rosered steel industry
X 20000r brn steel industry
- 50000r red Armed Forces

1941, Jan 14 5th census issue (no wmk info) p. 11
X 400r bl & red

1941, Aug 1 Society of Jesus 400th issue wmk. CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm)
X 1000r grayvio Anchieta

1941, Oct 20
X 5400r slgrn air force emblem

1941, Oct 20 Amador Bueno acclamation 300th issue (no perf info)
X 400r blk

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